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Snowy update sat 30/7/11

hi guys

alex has asked me to update u all as its been a rough fewdays and his laptop needs charging!!

well.. since wednesday we continue on the rollercoaster of ups and downs.. snowy remained on full ventilation. having occasional drop in sats and heart rate then stabilising.

after a meeting between Alex and snowy's cons and critical care team it was decided that they would try reducing sedation and ventialtion in 1% steps every 12hrs, from thursday 6pm, and see how she manages. if manages such for 3-4 days.if so, then they would do the bigger baby steps of 2% reduction.

now for friday. snowy was reduced to 2% and managing :) however Alex heard news from Scotland that his dad has now had a heart attack and is in a bad way :( so is now torn between the two - what does he do?

6pm friday they reduced snowy to 3% reduction even though she had had a few blips along the way during the day...

this morning she remains on 3% reduction as the docs have decided to wait a while longer this time, so she has until 6pm tonite to stabilise before they attempt to try 4% reduction or go backwards one step to 2%... on the upside, even at 3% this is the furthest reduction in ventilation weaning snowy has made so far :) so proud of her :D her sleeping workout - as Alex calls it - is working!

as for Alex, he didnt get much sleep again last nite and isnt feeling too great and is obviously upset bout his dad and in too minds bout what to do, his dad in hospital, his wife in ITU... at some point he will be goin to scotland to see his dad - lovely 7 hour drive - rather him than me with all that driving!!!

x x x

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Thanks for the update Snowygirl, poor Alex how awful for him being torn between his dad and Snowy and his dad being so far away, just too cruel. Great to hear Snowy is doing so well, may the baby steps continue and allow Alex some time to visit his dad. Thinking of you all.

Clare Xx


Poor Alex, that's awful news about his dad. I hope he manages the journey ok. His dad will be pleased to see him. Hope Lewis is doing ok.


Thanks for the update Snowygirl. Such good news that Snowy is making progress, however slow.

My heart goes out to Alex and I can only imagine how he feels. I hope that Snowy's condition stays stable enough for him to go to see his dad. He must be pretty exhausted by now, so I wonder if he could find a friend to go with him and share the driving - the last thing he needs now is to find himself half way to Scotland and realise he's too tired to drive safely.

Much love and positive thoughts to all.



Poor Alex ,

i dont post often but have been reading the posts,

hope the Weaning keeps going in the right direction,

thoughts and prayers with all the family.

g xx


My prayers go out to every member of Alex's family. Safe journey as he goes to see his father and Snowy continuing recovery, nice and steady.



Hugs & prayers to everyone XXXXX


So sorry Alex, sometimes life just isn't fair to put you in such a dilemma, would it be possible to ask the hospital where Snowy is being cared for not to make any drastic changes to her treatment, giving you the opportunity to go and see your father? As for driving to Scotland, really think that is unwise, you are both physically and mentally exhausted. A 7 hour driving trip for anyone would be tough but for you right now too much, either someone else should do the driving or get a flight up to Scotland. No one can decide which person should stay with or visit, their isn't a right answer, you have to do what feels right for you. I sincerely hope that your father recovers too, but what ever happens please don't beat yourself up, you cannot be in two places at once.


you are in my thots and i am wishin u a full recovery, however slow....ur in my heart during the struggle ahead of u, b strong xxxxxxxxxxxx


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