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Respiratory Clinical Physiology Student Query

Hi, my name's Peter Bradley. I am a Second year Clinical Physiology Student. I have been working on my placement in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast for about four months and by the end of my course i will have completed 107 weeks of placement. My course lasts four years. Therefore I will be very experienced in working in a hospital environment and will have come across varied respiratory conditions and varied types of equipment. But my main aim is to work outside the hospital service and work more in-conjunction with Respiratory research. I was wondering if an organisation like yourselves would be aware of any openings for graduates into research or what steps are needed to gain a career within such a field.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Bradley

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Hi Peter - this is a public discussion board for people with asthma, rather than a forum for the workings of Asthma UK. You'd be better off emailing the Asthma UK Human Resources office -

Hope this helps, and good luck.




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