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I have a very silly question but would love an answer. I was diagnosed with asthma in the autumn and after a long time of trying to get it sorted I responded wonderfully to symbicort 200/6 twice in the morning and evening and bricanyl when i need it. Last time i saw the asthma nurse she suggested i try to reduce the symbicort to see whether i could use less (on the basis that its always good to use the minimum i need ). So, I've dropped to twice in the morning and once at night but... although my peak flow is just as good i keep having moments when i feel like i'm going to have an attack - though i don't. I can't work out if these happen when i remember i've dropped my dose, or vice versa! (I've never suffered from panic attacks etc.)

I know this isn't a diagnosis forum - and I'm not falling over and needing an ambulance - its just that I don't have enough experience of this to recognise what is going on. I keep feeling like I might have an attack any minute now - does that sound like anxiety to you guys or is that something that can happen with asthma?

i'd be really grateful for any help - I'm still trying to work out what is happening now i've got this whole new thing in my life!

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Hi smudge,

Sorry to hear you're having problems again after having a good response initially. It must be pretty frustrating for you.

I'm a bit at a loss to try to answer your question, really. When you say you feel like you're about to have an attack any minute, can you describe what you are actually feeling? Are you getting any feelings of breathlessness, tightness or wheeze, or any sensation to do with your chest or breathing, or is it more of a general feeling of foreboding? If it is the latter, it could well be that you are getting a bit anxious, which would be perfectly understandable when all of this is quite new to you and you are trying to reduce your Symbicort dose. Reducing medication is always an anxious time for all of us as we wait to see how the old lungs are going to take it!

I would go back to your doctor or asthma nurse and explain what you have told us here. They may be able to unpick what is going on and whether what you're experiencing does represent a worsening of your asthma symptoms. If you're not doing so already, it's worth keeping a diary of your peak flows, symptoms and exercise tolerance so that the nurse can get a good idea of what's going on.

Hope you feel better soon

Take care

Em H


Thanks Em H. I've just got back from the asthma nurse who has said to increase the symbicort again and to try singulair as the hayfever season is nearly upon us and she is worried i won't cope well. She's really nice but i think i'm just starting to realise i don't have 'a little bit' of asthma - i have a real condition that i will have to manage. i know i'm not as ill as loads of people on here but still suffering from diagnosis shock!


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