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Peak flow not really any better since first diagnosed. I'm worried the asthma nurse will think I'm not really trying with the peak flow meter readings. What would be next on the cards if its still hovering around the 280 - 310 mark. I'm on Symbicort 200/6 at the moment. I really only take the reliever for air temp changes like when coming into warm room from the cold outside has me coughing or certain foods have me coughing eg chocolate.

Which sometimes makes me wonder if I really have asthma and then I remember the elephant on chest feeling that came nightly at beginning of this year and the coughing fits I used to do everyday for no reason other than having a cup of tea.

Sorry folks, just having a fed up week. Asthma not playing up but somethings got me down.


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Interesting because I'd have said singulair etc, but the obvious choice would be to increase the inhaled steroid upto near maximal level and see if that works, failing that Theophylline, or even slow release beta2 agonist tablets as an add-on therapy.

Think the melancholy both you and I are suffering from is damn Christmas and New Year, can't personally find any other explanation, so hope you manage to cheer up soon.

The question I'm recently asking myself since playing with buteyko, is how do you breath out, using your diaphragm or thoracically, reason being that I can get a huge variation myself from a lowly 300-400 using the diaphragm, but if I use the chest muscles the next reading can be around the 600 mark.


GrannyMo, or you could try zafirlukast (Accolate) to see if you can tolerate that better than Singulair - it's the other oral leukotriene receptor antagonist. Hope you feel better soon. x


hi nanna,hope you feel better soon and pf shoots up a bit.

love Grandaughter xxxx


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