What am I going to be prescribed next I wander?

I am on clenil modulite 100 for a year now since I was diagnosed and am going to talk to the GP tomorrow about my worsening symptoms. It seems as though something about my treatment is going to be changed.

I was wandering whether she is going to change my preventer, or just up it?

I was trying to read the BTS guidelines just now and it said that most patients are started at around 400 in the beginning. so why am I at only 100?

Just wanted to hear about other peoples experiences. a different preventer or a higher dose?

Lizzie xxx

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  • how many puffs do you take per time and how many times per day. the BTS guidelines say 400 mcg per day usually at 100mcg inhaler 2 puffs twice a day. I was on something similar, but when I was on it, it was becloforte and it was 250mcg 4 puffs twice a day.

    I think you may have your preventor changed, or you may have a long acting reliever started such as oxis or serevent. At least that was what happened with me.

    Sorry i cant be of more help

  • hi 1wingedangel

    Oh what you said makes more sense. I though 400mcg was the actual inhaler!

    Well in that case that is what I am on. I take two puffs twice a day so that would make it 400. So you think she might change the inhaler or add something to it?

    I am not very keen on the powder inhalers, they tend to tickle my throat a little :S

    thanks for your advice! :)

    Lizzie xxx

  • No worries at all hunny, I went through the same thing when I first developed my asthma again after a long remission. It took me absolutely years to get at least to the level of control that I needed to get through the day and there were times when I nearly didn't survive.

    Keep going, I know its a fight to get your voice heard.

    Wendy *hugs*

  • Best of luck lizzie.I know how worrying it can be to be uncetain re your medication.It took a long time for me to get stable and 5 years on i still have a lot of stuff to take each day but it will get better for you.Build a good relationship with the folk caring for you,have an up to date action plan and stick to it and if in doubt re any of your symptoms get advice.

    Hope it all goes well ros

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