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3 year old sweating badly

hi all iv got a bit of a quiere recently i noticed my 3 year old been sweating really bad that i can see the sweat dripping off his face and he feels wet under his clothes i dont have my heating on during the night because of his asthma so he aint hot of the heat in my house, i also dont dress him over dressed for him to sweat like this most of the time he will just wear a thin short sleeved top to bed cause he gets so hot, today isnt to warm were i am and he only had a thin top on with a pair of jeans and yet again the sweat is pouring of his face and his nose as if some one has sprayed water on him, does n e one have n e ideas as to wat this can be , he has never had cases of sweatin like this before, and he is not over weight, any suggestions would be helpfull

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Hi There

Sorry to hear about the little one. Is he taking any medication of any kind? Does he seem well in himself, apart from the sweating? I think it would be worth you having a chat with the GP or health visitor.

Hope you get it sorted soon.



Is he on steroid tablets at all or singulair ??

I find steroids are vile for making people sweat, not just me but other people I know do too !!

Singulair when I tried it made me sweat far far to much but I was taken off it due to a different issue with it causing an allergy !!


hiya all to who replyed yes he is on singulair he been taking them for about a month now and just started a new pack for this month , yeah he is fine in him self no cold or flu to say the sweating is down to that, he`s constantly thirsty but that also is stated in singulair leftlet that it can be a side affect to the singulair but thats no prob to me it was just the sweating i was just a bit conserned with,


Ask his Dr about the singulair - it could be that - but I can only tell u from my experience so please ask his dr's !!


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