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(Asthma Attack) Chest Pain & Back Pain

Hi all,

If I have put this post in the wrong section I'm sorry please let me know.

I'm not sure if you remember me but I've posted in the past about different things

I'm glad to be back I see there are a lot of new people on here now which is nice to see, I've been busy with work etc.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has this problem; When I have an asthma attack I have chest pains breathless & pain goes to my upper back then my left should hurts with sharp stabbing pains when I use my puffer it eventually goes away, ""this doesn't happen all the time though"". Then sometimes I just have the left should pain. Is this related to asthma or something else. Am not sure if I should have this checked.

Can only chest pain be a sign of an asthma attack coming on?



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Hi CuteLady,

sorry to hear of your troubles, I too get the sharp stabbing pains in my chest/ back and these days in my ribs and shoulders (which is a laugh when your trying to fold sheets!!), I posted about it and found it was something to do with the O2 and CO2 levels (cant remember exact details). When it happens i find some paracetamol or just sitting down quietly until it passes can help.

Best wishes



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