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coughing fits - advice required


Just getting over a cold and now started coughing fits. I don't know whether its the cold virus as all of a sudden a really tickly throat and then i start coughing, its dry and extreamly tight cough and now unsure whether i should be taking my asthma medication as whether its my asthma playing up because of the remains of a cold.

sorry to bother you on a Friday evening and thanks for your help in advance


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i get that, it usually is just an irritation cough for the first day or so, and then turns to more chest infection/asthma, so i take both cough/throat meds and asthma inhaler, usually settles me down for an hour or so... i hope things improve for you soon!

Rose xxx


It's probably the cold setting off your asthma cough - this always happens to me. I get rid of the cough for a bit then get a cold and it comes right back and lingers for ages. Have it at the moment and it's really annoying, so I would try taking the asthma meds and see if it helps.

If it is the cold it should go soon, but if it's asthma it will probably hang around for a while. Hope it does go soon though!


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