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Hayfever meds?


How's everyone?

Okay so hayfever is kicking in now. Great. I ended up at the docs the other day 'cos my eyes swelled shut and although I've tried so many of the available over the counter antihistamines and none of them work he just told me to double my dose and add in (another) course of pred. I've only just come off it and it didn't help my hayfever then but he said it works for hayfever and asthma. It isn't working but he won't do anything. Anyone else got this problem?

Becca xxxx

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The only antihistamine that works for my sons is Dimetapp. Not Dimetapp DM or any of the others just plain old Dimetapp. It also doesn't make their asthma worse as do most OTC antihistamines.


i use ceritadine and find it helps and doesnt interfere with meds but im quite lucky not got it too bad. My mum gives the injection to some of here patints and the had fab results, cant remember the name but theres only one injection.

hope this help

Andrea xx



I got sent home from school again because of hayfever, so hopefully my doctor might actually do something a bit more than double my dose. Cetirizine doesn't work for me either so i'm a bit stuffed up! LOL.

Hope you're okay

Becca xxx


Andrea, are you talking about Kenalogg injections?

A friend of mine and her sons used to have them and swore by them, but I asked last year and was told they either had or were being discontinued.

FYI, Becca 1, the best nasal spray (and I've tried them all one by one) is Nasonex, as it starts working immediately. I am on it all year round though.

The only tablet I have found to work for me, is Neoclarityn 5mg, which is desloratidine. Some people are prescriped a double dose ie morning and evening tablet, but I just take the licenced one a day tablet in the morning.

Both these meds are precription only.


I am on Cetrizine and nasonex spray not v.helpful either!


Sus..i take exactly the same as you all year round.

I also wash my nose out with a saline solution (squirt up nose using syringe-not as bad as it sounds) i make up myself...i make the solution with diff amounts of salt depending on how my nasal passages are! ENT guy I saw at asthma clinic taught me it as it removes the allergens before u use the nasal spray. Let me know if you want more info on it Becca but it has really worked for me. There is also a saltwater nasal spray called Sterimar, available over the counter you could use but i find it doesn't flush out my nose enough.

Have a feeling the kenalog inject is the same as the depot injection which was withdrawn due to side effects being too great.

I have a literature review on the management of allergic rhinitis if u need any other info just shout!

Soz got a bit carried away but i spent months doing the review for uni on allergic rhinitis!



Im on Zirtec, but get it on perscription, I went to see allergy speciallist this morning, he said i can take 2 a day?? I was prescribed nasonex but have stopped using it as it has made my nose really sore.

Has anyone else has RAST test? that is what dr is going to do on me & then have the skin prick test. Maybe next yr i can be desenceitised, with what ever it is that effects me. Anyone else had this done??



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