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GPs and Prednisolone

Does anyone else have problems with inconsistency when seeing different GPs at their surgery? I normally try and see the same doctor who normally gives a 4 week tapered dose of pred, but unfortunately he is good and appointments are like gold dust so occasionally have to see someone else.

I seem to have issues when seeing doctors that do not know me, either not wanting to give me prednisolone at all and saying wait and see what happens (most recent issue, then got moaned at for waiting 10 days for next appointment when saw normal GP who sorted the pred out) or only giving me a three day short course on top of maintenance dose which is pointless and having to go back to get more as asthma not sorted. Unfortunately do not have a written plan which would solve this problem. Does anyone else have this problem?

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I think I am really lucky in that I have always had a large stash of steroids at home and am trusted when to start them and to decide how long to take them for (within parameters!).

Could you speak to your good GP and ask if you could have a rescue course of at least a few days to keep at home? You could then ring and speak to your GP and say you have started them and then they could always prescribe you more or ask you to come in. You and the GP could come up with a short written plan of when to start them. If this works well then maybe they would just let you have them on repeat.

If this fails, then ask you consultant to put a bit in their letter how you should get a course of rescue steroids to keep at home.

It's nice to have a good GP, ours is also really popular and booked up weeks in advance.

Take care



Thanks for the suggestions... Consultant has previously told my GP practice I could have emergency courses of pred at home however this was a long time ago when I was having frequent short courses. This has changed because the pred is a daily maintenance med for me as I am steroid dependent.... so have a regular supply of pred at home anyway and is on my repeat prescription.

Its just a case of having the dose increased when needed the problem is when I see other doctors who do not know my history... I think I am going to ask my consultant to put something in writing at least so I have some consistency. I would increase it myself but prefer my GP to do it as he is worried rightly about the side effects as taking high does of steroid in both inhaled and oral form.


I can relate to this!

Not required any Pred this year, until I got a cold 2 weeks ago! Viruses are one of my worst triggers and I suffered the inevitable increase in symptoms and decrease in peak flow!

First visit to GP I was told to take double Seretide and that I wasn't wheezy.

A week later I was told I wasn't wheezy and was offered antibiotics on case I'd got a bacterial infection which had caused my asthma to go out of control!

Third visit (walk in clinic as it was weekend) I was finally given steroids!

Coughing much less now, Salbutamol use decreased, not short of breath, no wheeze and peak flow best it's been for ages!!

I don't have a written asthma plan either; have asked several times!


I have a 'stash' and a written plan from my consultant, but then I also know my GP is fantastic, so it probably doesn't count.

The only issue I have when seeing a different GP at the practice is that the others give the white Pred not the red smarties my GP has agreed to despite the extra cost. But I have a stash of 'Red' and it seems like a small thing really.

I would def. see about getting Pred written into a plan if it's something you need regularly - talk to them about 'being in control'!!! They like stuff like that!!


I always make sure I have a large stash of pred to keep me going when lungs play up I hate taking them but better than costa anyday xxxx


I too have a large stash of red pred, my gp is fine with it, and gives me usually 500 at a time, as I can sometimes need up to 90mg per day to get it under control.

I am allowed to take dosages of up to 60mg without permission and just record it for next time I see her and then she logs on dr's system, I can take these for a week but then if no better I have to go and see her, but if I feel I need higher dose before then I just ring and let them know, it is also written in my action plan.

Snowy xx


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