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Light at the end of the tunnel?

Hey guys

Back along I wrote a post saying my consultant said I wasn't eligible for Xolair, as I'm not an allergic asthmatic. However, he has now expressed his interest in taking me on board for a study in the effects of Xolair on severe non-allergic difficult to control asthma. He says I would be the perfect candidate for the study as my asthma remains severe and uncontrolled even on maximum medications! If I get accepted on to the trial I could be getting Xolair, and may help change the future for everyone out there who doesn't qualify for Xolair as the regulations are now!

The trial is at Guy's Hospital in London, I'm sure you could find the details on the internet if you are interested in this study - it could be of great benefit to many.

Hope you're all as well as can be, I'm having a very rough day and needing quite a bit of reliever. Don't worry, I'll get the men-in-green if I need to :)

Emz x

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hope the xolair works for you and a big step for other asthma sufferers if it works xxxx


That's good news. Will Be keen to hear how it goes. I was told my levels never high enuff for treatment but told I have a servere allergy to dust mites. Which xolair would reduce and may reduce some of my asthma symptoms.


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