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Happy ahhh let me explain


I just wanted to thank people for feedback and questions on this forum - over a strange few years of meds, housebound, in hospital - I come here every time i am on a new dose or medication - but realise that has to be vice versa.

Sorry just feeling nostalgic tonight and I learn more here than through a doc or consultant.

Hope everyone is feeling as good as can and if not hugs and hugs.

Everyone here has helped me get me on with life:-)


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Hi Julie, Nice to meet you and I'm glad that you find this place helpful. I do too, even though I haven't been here all that long (a few weeks). You want to join us in camping and on our trip to the North Pole where it'll be at least a little cooler?



i know what you mean,ive found that this site has helped me alot,its nice that people take the time to read and answer questions you have and give you advice on things your not sure about,i think everybody that has answered somebody elses prolems or just talked to someone needs a big round of applause and a big thankyou

take care everybody from d58 xx


I too haven't been visiting this site for very long but have found it great reading people's postings. Sometimes you can really relate well to what is being said, remembering our own experiences and being able to share them. I haven't been having a good few days as i had a bad do on tuesday when my tongue decided to swell as well as my asthma flare up. Am now on pred yet again but managed to get back to work today. Am having spirometry test next week at physio but she forgot to tell me what it involves and I didn't think to ask. Gather it is a simple breathing test to confirm I have asthma - I thought my peak flows told me that along with my incessant bouts of coughing on a very regular basis.


I'll second that - thanks to everyone. Being able to read other people's experiences, and being able to ask questions has made such a difference, and taken a lot of the 'fear factor' out of things


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