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Asthma and chest pain

Hi there!

I started having astma around one year ago. The first 3 months were terrible, i was sneezing almost 24hrs and could not sleep at night. My asthma is associated with some kind of allergy to the temperature changes and with air conditioning and heating....

My question is that when I have asthma is always the right side of my chest only affected, never the left side. I've got a constant pain located on this right side, it is some kind of muscular pain that affects even my arm and neck...even my right breast is more sensitive when i touch it or if I am in bed sleeping upside down. I would like to know if this is normal with asthma, i mean to have it only in one side of your body and not in both lungs and if this muscular pain is related or not...


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Hi LSalesa,

Sorry to hear about your recent troubles with asthma. I hope that things are improving for you now.

Chest pain is a fairly common experience with asthma, although it's often not mentioned by the docs or in text books. Most of the time, it's due to muscle aching and spasm, from the respiratory muscles, particularly the intercostal muscles between the ribs, being asked to do more than they usually are. Infection in your lungs can also cause pain.

If the pain is new or different, or you are otherwise unwell with it, or you haven't previously mentioned it to your doctor, you should probably mention it and get it checked out.

Hope this helps

Em H


Thanks Emily but just one think you did not say...is it normal to have this chest pain on only one side of your chest (right side for me)?


If it is muscular pain, it can affect anywhere on the chest wall, one side or both sides. That does assume that it is muscular pain, though - if you haven't had it checked out by a doctor in the past, you should mention it, just to check that there is nothing else going on.




I also suffer from a pain - just in the right side of my lung. I would definately agree that you should get it checked out though. Your Doctor or consultant would be able to rule out anything else with an X ray etc (my Cons thought at first it was a collapsed lung). Also it might help to put your mind at ease to get it checked out and make sure.

Hope you feel better soon,

Sarah x


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