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Still feeling dizzy, wondering how much longer - not urgent

Feel this is really not so bad given what some members are dealing with atm (massive sympathy as ever to those in Costa).

EDIT: making very little sense this evening, ramble ahead...

Still feeling dizzy (best term I can come up with, doesn't really describe it though, more like just 'odd' but centred round head). Now coming up to 3 weeks after it started (after exercise ECG - which was normal as far as I got, think 24-hr tape was normal too or they'd have been in touch by now).

Saw useless OOH about a week after it started when got a bit worse (low BP then it seemed), then GP couple of days after that (BP up a bit). GP said no idea really, but could be labyrinthitis (have a feeling she isn't sure at all about that) and if it is should go in a few weeks. I know a couple of you have had this, just wondering how long it usually takes to go? GP said come back if it gets worse, and feels like it might be as felt bit rubbish for last couple of days - can still work though just about, so obviously not too bad. Prefer not to get up from desk though but never do like doing that, it makes me breathless.

1st appt available is next Tuesday so have booked it figuring I'll cancel if feeling better by then - otherwise there will be no appts left till following week! Am rambling a bit but just wondering how long other people with similar dizziness issues found it lasted and if I just need to put up and shut up.

I guess if I need to I will have to go to OOH at some point but it is rather a faff getting there and the first couple of times have been mixed - last time was really pointless and don't want to go if just having someone see me for 2 mins and say 'you're fine'.

Sorry for slightly pointless ramble, not sure what I'm asking really and maybe not making sense but in that position where I'm feeling a little rubbish but not enough to be insistent about seeing someone, and wondering if I just ought to stop moaning and wait to see what happens.

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i had labrynthitis a couple of years ago. i think it too about 3wks beginging to end... and i still get odd attacks of it at times. most disconcerting. at least the kids don't need me to carry them now LOL

geina x


Carrying kids when you feel dizzy...nightmare!

Did it come and go in the 3 weeks or start bad and get better? Thought whatever this is was getting better but has really come back, maybe have done too much, it doesn't like me doing too much (neither do lungs of course).


it started bad. then came and went. now it happens if i over do it...

geina x


Thanks for reply Geina. Guess I will wait and see - no idea if it is same thing but if so must be near the end of it.

Been feeling like I have flu or something but without the 'infection' bits like temp, just a bit manky and breathing not great - but really nothing compared to what others on the forum are dealing with right now.


if it is labrynthitis it should be near the end. i did get sob wtih it now i think about it. hopefully it'll be over for you soon.

Geina x


Thanks! Temptation to stay in bed all day is very very strong, but have stuff to do. Damn exercise ECG, doesn't seem worth it now...


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