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Confusion - sorry for bit of a vent!

Sorry in advance for possible rant/letting off steam...

I did post this on my other thread but it was very long there (sorry!) and got buried.

I know I'm lucky not to have the worst of it (and I hope everyone is currently OUT of Costa and feeling ok, especially those who've been spending a lot of time there). Just having difficulties now, as I had my first cons. appt on Thursday but feel no closer to solving the problem of what is wrong or getting any medication, and a bit worried they're just going to leave me hanging until next appt.

Previous cons (who I didn't like because he didn't seem to listen much but is apparently expert on asthma) said not asthma. It FEELS like asthma and a lot of symptoms are there, but apparently my lungs are normal (because no wheeze? I can never manage to wheeze for appt though do at other times). However, lung function tests show below predicted this time whereas because of champion singer/oboist lungs would expect above predicted as last time. Sats don't drop on exercise though even though I am now breathless on minimal and sometimes no exertion.

Consultant suggested it may be vocal cord dysfunction and they may test for that - apparently this can mimic asthma and co-exist with it, anyone else heard of it/have it? Also have to see cardiologist because of racing pulse. Or possibly muscles round lungs dysfunctional. And cons. is always booked up ages in advance so horrible suspicion I will have to wait months again.

Sorry for being long yet again! I'm probably just venting but despite good weekend with friend I feel rubbish and am shuffling around like an old lady.



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