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Any subcut peeps out there who can answer, need help fast!

I'm travelling to scotland tonight by coach (takes 12 hours altogether trip will take 14 hrs) im just wonderin would it be ok to draw up bricanyl before going and bung off syringe and leave for 12 or more hours as I dont think drawing it up on a bumpy coach is a senible idea at 10pm and 10am lol! I know some peeps dont change there syringes for 24hrs anyway, so is it ok??

Sorry if this seems like a silly question just want to be safe!



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Would ask your GP. and have 2 ready just incase something goes wrong with one xxx


It should be OK to draw it all up beforehand. Just keep it cool and sterile with a bung!

I have done in the past, no probs.



Thanks kate didnt think it would be a problem. Just making sure



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