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spirometry results

Could someone please help me interpret my sons spirometry results.

He had an appointment today and has had probs with his asthma for weeks now. His consultant insists he is ok as he isn't wheezing and his lungs sound 'pristine clear'.

So I am hoping someone can explain his lung function to me so I understand whats going on!!!!!!!!

FVC 59%

FEV1 55%

fev1/fvc% is 86% predicted. Apparently this is ok as both readings are reduced. He has had an fvc reading of 107% in the past. He usually drops both readings when he is struggling. is this normal?

any takers?

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I cant answer your query from a medical point of view but this link was posted in the past by EM H and it has some useful information and explains spirometry very well.

Have you thought of ringing your sons asthma nurse who may shed some light on it for you.



I am not a doctor lol

And i am aware of how easy it is to sit in there and think yeah I get it until you walk out...

Somebody may need to correct me but as I understand it:

fev1/fvc% is 86% this is counted as good - in adults anyway!

the other two would becounted as low if under 80% - thats my meagre understanding anyway!!! And this does relate to an adult...


Thanks for the replys.

I had alook at the web site and it was certainly very informative. I asked our athma nurse and she thought the results were not great especially considering the fact J is symptomatic all the time at the moment.

He usually has a good FVC reading. the highest I think was 107%. The only times he has had a reduced fvc is when he has been ill. This is why I queried it as he is having alot of probs at the moment but the cons said all was ok as both fev and fvc were low. So just don't know what to make of it.

What can make the fvc reading low in Asthma, most of the info I can find is about copd for reduced fvc. Is it due to air trapping?


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