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Hi, hope you can help. I am on my fourth course of preds since february which the doctor gave me three weeks ago and said take 6 a day for a week and then reduce by 1 every three days until the course is finished - I have two days of 1 tablet to go. I am also taking seretide 500 twice daily and singulair at night. Over the past couple of weeks though I have put on so much weight and my knees and ankles are really swollen by the end of the day. Is this just a normal side effect or should I be worried? By the way, my asthma is the best it has been for months - touch wood!

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  • hi im afraid so. i have Seretide 500 And top up that with Flixotide 250 three times a day and this gives me the same side effects as pred and seretide together. watch your sugar intake as both have a tendency to increase blood sugar.

  • I'm afraid it's one of the horrible side effects, some people loose weight, not me! I put on a stone but have managed to loose 7lb, the other 7lb doesn't want to shift. It's just so difficult when you are too ill to exercise.

  • Yep effects of the lovely prednisolone can cause weight gain, feeling of well being , depression and oedema. To name a few. Mention both to your dr. So they can keep an eye on things.... Gussypoo

  • The weight gain is awful, all I eat is boring fruit, veg and chicken and still have lots of weight around my middle and if I could i would exercise all the time but most days it's just a struggle to breathe. I really do feel for you, I know what it's like xxxxxx

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