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The Good The Bad and The Ugly

lets be positive so The Ugly, The Bad and The Good.

The Ugly, how do you react when you are ill, are you hell to live with or an angel???

The Bad, what cant you do apart from the obvious like breathing and getting out of bed?

The Good, what can you do and love to do when well enough?

Well,when I'm ill I just go deathly quiet and hide.

It really hurts when I wash my hair as lungs hate it when i lift my arms above my head

I love cycling and can't wait to be well enough to go back out there

looking forward to some strange answers!x

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For me, the Ugly are those folk who treat asthma as something their kid grew out of and if I'd ask my GP for one of those blue inhalers then I'd probably be rid of it too.

Bad is when we are out in the car or even just walking up the street and start yawning widely which is a sure sign I should be using a reliever but for embarrassment factor I don't and try to ignore the ever bigger yawns that practically dislocate my jaw. At which point my daughters if I'm with them will say MITHER! Have you got your inhaler? Well use it.

Actually being told off by grown up kids is more embarrassing than being seen by all and sundry puffing on inhaler. I really should remember that!

Good is when I'm having a down day and those self same kids come visit or check in by text with heartfelt good wishes. When I do feel good, I like to go for a paddle at the beach. Makes me feel alive again.


The good is when I feel so happy and not a weeze or puff in sight and feel normal.

The bad is when I feel sad and full blown asthma symptoms and feel like know one cares as in

my real world im the only one with asthma and they dont understand how I am.

they think like I did once that a blue inhaler makes you well when had a puff of it.

how so far wrong that is xxx

The ugly is how I feel when im not weLL ( FEEL UGLY) dont feel like a lovely lady and just feel crap.

carnt seem to get my head round asthma and darnt make plans because can never keep to them.

Have to try look forward and days when glam up and when asthma is a bit better I glam up a bit and turn in to a lovely swan until the cycle starts all over a gain a few days later !!!


Ugly is when the chest pain starts and I am on lunchtime duty at work all I want to do is curl up and cry in my office.

Bad is when I have little energy to do the things I want to.

Good is being able to play my Sax without discomfort and ride my horse faster than a gentle walk, luckily the good days are beginning to outnumber the bad and ugly, but that makes them so much harder to deal with when they do come along.


Ugly- get really cranky dont want to see anyone and nothing gets done they way I like it done.

Bad- work getting moved to lighter duties and a different area. Not my choice in career pathway.

Good- enjoying the company of family and friends


The good is when I am by the sea, I always feel better then

The bad is when I get a cold which never just goes away and usually ends up with me on steroids and antibiotics and the people who look at me like I'm some sort of hypochondriac

The bad is when I am on steroids, really difficult to live with, fly off the handle at least thing and can't sleep all night. Then when I stop taking them I feel really deppressed for days


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