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Cooking - Who Enjoys it?

I love cooking but struggle to find recipies for what I would call 'normal' everyday food. Especially those that are quick to put together (I do all the cooking in our house).

So, I was wondering if anyone new of any good websites for recipies?

I have listed below some of the ones I know of;

awtonline.co.uk/ - Anthony Worrel Thompson

bbcgoodfood.com/ - BBC Good Food Magazine

cookeryclub.co.uk/ - The Cookery Club

nigella.com/index.asp - Nigella Lawson (mmmmmmm, Nigella, now that's another story.. lol)

uktv.co.uk/index.cfm/uktv/F... - UKTV Gold

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What?-Nigella is a cook???

her ""English Muffin"" t-shirt puts my festering brain into overdrive! (apologies)


How about a student cook book or even .... watch ready steady cook for some ideas!



cooking really relaxes me lol


I love to cook, I make a wonderful shepards pie, chicken lazagna and my grannies secret chocolate cake! Problom is i have the washing up!


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