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Not happy!

I had 4 days off work last week because I got the lurgy which then set off my asthma big time. Feeling much better yesterday and sent an email to say I'd be back at work tomorrow. However, I got up this morning to find I've got no hot water and no heating so I've called the landlord to get someone in to sort the boiler out. The company who has the contract can't (won't?) send anyone until tomorrow. So, I'm now wearing several jumpers and trying to work out how I'm going to tell the boss that I won't be in tomorrow until the engineer has fixed my heating and I don't know when that will be because the company won't give me a clue.

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grrr I hate it when they do that! They expect you to put everything on hold, or they give you a time then come hours later, (or in one case I was told any time within 2-4pm so popped out at 12 to supermarket, he came in the half hour I was out and then announced that since he'd been and no-one was in he couldn't come back that day).

I hope you get it all sorted and work is ok with it. Gives you another day to recuperate though?


That's awful! Do they know ur a priority case? X


Have you told them how important it is that you breathe warm air not cold??? Cold air sets me off and I would be tempted to say I would sue them if I had an attack and it was caused by their inability to fulfil the contract! Might work you never know. Good luck hope all is well soon.


Nice man turned up at 8:00 this morning, agreed that the boiler's broken and wandered off again looking for a new part. He'll be back .........


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