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My car is dead

Hi, I just want to blow off steam.

Last night we were on our way home from our youngest daughters.

The car was running perfectly. The engine purred as normal, the radio playing, heat on as usual, only 20 miles to home.

Until, loud rattling noise, sounded like small stones hitting underneath car.

Unusual thought I.

Gearstick shuddered & popped out of 5th.

Very unusual thought I

Car shudders, speed drops from 50ish to nil

Extremely unusual thought I

At a standstill, engine purring, heat comfortable, I drape my hand on gearstick to put into first

Back of mind. Wonder what happened? Wonder fleetingly about noise we heard

I looked at my wife reassuringly, her expression one of confusion

Are we home she asks, having just woken up

Not yet love I reply

Cannot get 1st, nor 2nd

Really odd thought I

Slowly it dawns no gears can be found

Perhaps clutch not working, though clutch pedal sound

Downright ridiculous. Thought I

Hazard lights on, not in a good spot, try to roll car, roll it would not!!

Oh crap. Thought I

Two cars passed right by

Mobile phone out, breakdown truck called, be with you soon the voice reassured

At least we are warm. Thought I

Another car passes by

Sitting there talking my wife & I, help on its way no long I sigh

One hour passes many more cars. Pass by

Finally here, the truck has arrived!!

Soon we'll be home said I

Several more cars pass us by

The car was hooked up, we sat in the truck headed for home, no longer alone

What has gone wrong. Thought I

Its now the next day, the car's on the drive,

I think the car's dead, I say on my mind

A mechanic drops in, to see whats gone wrong

I dont like the wait, he's taking too long

It needs a new gearbox, he quotes me a price

Ok, thanks, goodbye. Said I

All the time thinking. The price is to high

As I walk in, a sad look in my eye

The car has now died. I say to my wife

Now the car's died, I just say goodbye.

Well, I feel better for that.

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Nice one Howie! Having had several cars 'die' on me in the past I know the feeling. Hope it's not too expensive to fix!!



mine has no heating!!

had a good service reciently though and the grinding noise turned out i had no break pads!!!

hope you sort the car out, g xx


resurection of dead car

Ive checked the probs with my car.

Its going to be towed to my local garage.

It will cost app £600, but I couldnt get another one for that price.

Also, I know everything about this car, & everything which has been done already.

It makes sense to repair, rather than take a risk buying another.


We had similar wie an old Megan scenic. Gear box and clutch. Then

The drive shaft twice then cylinder head gasket. Then we found out the repair wasnt done right so we needed a replacement engine so decided to trade it in after replacing the engine .lost a lot of money on it. But even with new cars they still have faults and break down .... Hope it behaves now for u



I see from posts i was not only one.

Having read gussys post, i feel it must have been an absolute nightmare for them.

I am very pleased to say im getting my car back tomorrow.

I am hoping to get at the very least a year out of it.

Also, it didnt cost as much as i feared, so crossing my fingers & hoping i dont need anymore repairs


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