I have a job interview!

Um, that's about it really.

I've been out of work since January, and I've been quite ill, so I've only put in 2 applications, and both have resulted in interview invitations.

I've been looking for part time work, and while this is a little more part time than I'd imagined (10hpw), it's better than nothing, and certainly better than being on ESA, like I have been (I think I'm about to be booted off it anyway, I had my WCA last week and given that my illness isn't visible and isn't physical I will probably have failed it).

I need an interview outfit now!

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  • Ooooo good luck piglet, fingers x for you!!!

  • Good luck hun!!

  • Good luck! What are they for, if you don't mind me asking? Just nosy really ;)

  • The first one was to work in one of the forts along Hadrian's Wall, but I didn't get that.

    This one is an admin job with the church that did the blessing for me and OH's civil partnership.

    I think getting a job will be the final part in me getting properly well again, if that makes sense?

  • Fantastic news! I wish you well with your interviews. Let us know how you get on.

    Lisa xx

  • Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you. Even a few hours a week will give you a bit of a boost.

  • Shame about the fort, that sounded cool (classics geek here) but church sounds nice esp. if it's somewhere you have a personal connection to and nice memories! Is that the 10 hr a week one?

  • That is good news, good luck with the interviews

  • good luck, let us know how you get on xxx

  • good luck :)

  • well done Piglet, so proud of you for being so brave and sending your CV's in. well done with going to the interview for Hadrians Wall - sorry it wasnt good news.

    congrats on getting an interview with your church, i'm sure that you could negiotate hours if you found that the hours were a bit much on some weeks. when is the interview, so that we can all think postiive thoughts for your success and their sensible decision to chose you :) i'm sure that somewhere in the wardrobe you have the perfect outfit :)

    islandmedic sends good luck as well

    take care xx ><>

  • Good luck with the interview!!!! You are doing something right to just get to the interview stage. When is the interview so I can keep everything crossed for you?

  • The interview is at 4 tomorrow. I had to go shopping yesterday as none of my work type clothes fit me properly, so I have a new jacket and top :)

    I've never coped brilliantly with full time work - between my asthma (and all the associated chest infections) and my bipolar I've had a lot of time off sick, so while 10hpw isn't sustainable financially in the long term, it's a good start to get me back in to work again, and put the awful experience of my last job behind me for good.

    This week I am also applying for an MA - interestingly it was the fact that I didn't get the Hadrian's Wall job that made me realise I want to work in that kind of field (using my history degree) and has me applying for the MA :) Exciting times!

  • Exciting times! Crossed fingers for the job, and the MA application - what would that be in? I'm doing a Masters (MSc) part time atm and really enjoying it - very disappointed that no more classes till Oct because the full-timers have the summer term for their dissertation work.

    Good luck for tomorrow - nice to have new clothes as well.

  • It's in museum and heritage studies. I'll be doing it part time over 2 years. Provided I get accepted of course!

    Fingers crossed my interview goes well this afternoon.

  • Keeping EVERYTHING crossed it all goes very well indeed.

  • did you get it? dont keep us in suspense for too long! well done to getting to the interview and i'm sure you will have shined.

    take care xx ><>

  • How did you get on at your interview?

  • The interview went well, they have told me that, but another candidate was too ill to attend or interview, so they are going to try and interview her and then make a decision. But if she isn't well enough for interview by Tuesday evening then they won't be able to interview her, and they'll make their decision.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Sounds promising. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Fingers crossed for you. Hope you get it!

  • Crossing fingers here too! Also hope Masters application goes well, that sounds really interesting and is a good fit with your undergrad degree so you should be a good candidate (I got into mine and it is in no way related to my undergrad lol).

  • PIGLET!!!!!! did you get the job??? My fingers and toes have been crossed for so long i have permenant cramp...and having some funny looks ;-)


  • Thanks everyone, but...


    And I won't know until the end of the month now. They still have one more person to see, and won't be able to see them until after one of the panel gets back from holiday at the end of the month. It's quite frustrating! They rang this morning. I was told I am a very strong contender and the delay isn't anything to do with them thinking I couldn't do the job.

    So all of you very kind people who have had your fingers crossed, I suggest you should relax them a little to avoid blood flow problems! ;-P

  • oh no, how frustrating! That's a long holiday... I'll keep mentally crossing my fingers for you ;)

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