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London Zoo things

1; A sculpture of Dung Beetles-it reminded me of a Gary Larson cartoon which had 2 insects staring out of their window with the caption ""Oh no,its Mr and Mrs Dung Beetle and theyve got their you-know-what-with them""

2: Volvo sponsoring the ""British Crickets "" area-just seemed rather bizarre to me !

3:No gorillas-lazy sods !

4:Butterfly ""House""-boy is it steamy.

5: Young woman doing one of the ""Be a keeper for a day"" events seemed to be loving every minute-almost made me want to have a go myself !

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BJ - The gorillas not being lazy. They are still mourning the loss of Bobby, the only male in the nest. 25-year old Bobby, a ""softie"" big sliverback, died just 2 weeks ago and his 3 girls are all still getting still used to him no longer being there. Give them a chance. If you want to give it another try, I'll take you in for free next time.



Is London Zoo easy to get to on public transport with wheelchair??

Would love to take kids but have never dared to.


Public transport, Baker street then Bus or there is another closer station but then 10 minutes walk up a gentle ( ha ha ) Hill!


I think I got off at Regents Park tube station and walked through Regents Park,quite scenic as it was a sunny day and it was about 10-15 mins walk-seemed quite flat to my old legs !


Oooh, Alan, can we have an Asthma UK day trip to the zoo for free?!

Only hair free, fur free animals, not the butterfly house as stuffiness could be a trigger, and no throwing peanuts at the monkeys in case someone's allergic...

Could be a plan...!



I have just been working it out. We have to avoid hairy, furry animals, the butterfly house as stuffiness could be a trigger, and throwing peanuts at the monkeys in case someone's allergic. We would probably also have to avoid the birds because of the triggers in their feathers, the tropical stuff because of the high humidity. Oh..and all that tree and grass pollen as it is in the middle of a huge park as well as avoiding the smooth-skinned ones because of skin allergies.

So out of 750 species, I think I have worked it out that, if we all go at the same time, avoiding all the triggers collectively, we get to see just 2 creatures - Raja, the Kimodo Dragon, and Eric, the Cockroach (Just invented Eric’s name. I don’t think the Cockroaches have been given names.)

I guess it makes it a cheap round for me, but maybe a big day out for all at one time is not quite the most practical of things to do. I had better make it a one-by-one invite until I run out of guest passes for the year. OK, so I have been exaggerating a bit. My triggers at the zoo? Fortunately, I have not found any there yet.



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