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Your musical weekend

While Bex will be ""sniffing"" Meatloaf tomorrow,I will be having a Radiohead weekend in Glasgow tomorrow and Manchester on Sunday-if anyone else is going,I,ll be wearing one of my Sergio Tacchini trakkie tops with some Everton related garb and I,m always amenable for a chin-wag over several vodkas-hope it keeps dry for us all-especially anyone Glastonbury bound-its about time it was dry for once-ENJOY!!

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I'm off to see Bon Jovi tomorrow - can't wait................


it must be the weekend for music!!

Im off to see Bon Jovi tonight (sat) well prepared for probs as i only escaped costa on thurs and am not too good stil (think i may introduce myself to first aid guys b4 concert!!) having been to al their concerts in S E England in the last 15 yrs i was NOT going to miss this one either!!

Rusty -i hope u enjoyed it hes soooooo yummy!!!


After days of will I won't I? I made it just, it was cold, misty wet and windy in Plymouth and someone had up-chucked in the entrance and they had cleaned it using bleach. Thank everything it was my normal team at Argyle who are used me ""coming in hot"" although there was on very dodgy moment when the South west Ambulance controller asked ""shall I call this one in now or wait until Tony [dr] says you have to go"". Tony bless him asked if I wanted to listen from the medical room, Derriford or the Enclosure needless to say I opted for the enclosure wrapped up in a space blanket (it was dry in Newton Abbot). Anyway far too many b2b nebs got me through it, before you all tell me off, I did have a dr, nurse and paramedic cover so felt it Ok to break the rules a little...

Enjoy the concert tonight Hops



Bon Jovi on friday night were fantastic!!!

I didnt want it too end even though he did a 2.5 hr gig.... The man is a legend and just gorgeous and i'm now the proud owner of a five foot poster for my office lol ;-)

Roll on monday, Robbie is coming off the cupboard door and being replaced :-)

It was the best concert I ever been too, Rusty and Hops hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Been thinking of you both managing the chaos at train station and getting to the stadium, Hope lungs behaved for you both.

Bex i'm jealous, Ive wanted to see meatloaf for years. I had tickets to se him last november at wembley arena but he called off sick on the day. I was gutted but two days later while chasing that refund they released bon jovi tickets so every cloud has silver lining :)

Blue jam hope you had a good one!

Glastonbury been on my hit list for many years but never got round to it, would like to go next yr.


Saturday night was absolutely FAB!!!!!!!!! JBJ is soooo yummy!!! he played all my favs apart from never say goodbye . I was very well behaved and checked in with the 1st Aid guys only to find that they had assigned a paramedic to sit with me throughout, he was a really sweet guy and i cant thank him enough for enabling me to watch the whole concert. I have to admit i was rather restrained in comparison to my normal concert mode but still managed to have very little voice yesterday!!!!

lets just hope they are back in town next yr :)


had the most fab fab fab fab time on Friday night. JBJ is as hops says sooooo yummy. The weather was great. Only downside was the car park was a fair old walk to where the disabled access seats were! but we were there early enough for me to be able to take it very slowly and have lots of sit downs. Has pretty much floored me but it was SO worth it.

Glastonbury - if the wind was right I was able to hear some of Glastonbury yesterday while sitting in my garden.



Good to see we all had a good time at our various concerts;Glasgow on Friday night was a downpour,thank God for the miracle of the £3.50 poncho!!-Manchester was beautifully sunny mercifully yesterday but on both nights Radiohead were on top form,I know they are not everyones cup of tea but when they hit you with everything from full-on rave The National Anthem (complete with live sampling of Heather Coupers Astronomers programme on Radio4),the stark ethereal melancholy of Fake Plastic Trees,Nude and Faust Arp ,amped up rock:Airbag,Just,Paranoid Android,more audio loops than you can shake a stick at and some mass communal singalongs of old OK Computer songs like Karma Police then you have to be stark staring mad not to realise they are our best ,most inventive band (possibly ever?? ok,the Beatles maybe still hold that crown!!)

Only downside-being in close proximity with lots of smokers I was coughing all the way home to Cumbria last night and my throat felt bad this morning-a reminder of the good old days of smoke-pubs!!


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