Places to confuse the tourists

Following woody with Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and Kate kindly producing the correct pronounciation, I thought we might start a thread for Places said differently than their spelling would suggest.

Starting off with Milngavie just outside Glasgow - Its said as Mill-guy.

There's a story of a couple of folk passing through Milngavie who weren't too sure how it was pronounced. So they thought they'd check before saying it to anyone. Stopping for a bite to eat, they asked at the counter: ""Can you tell us how you pronounce the name of this place?"" Lad behind the counter said, slowly and clearly ""Costa Coffee"".

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  • Been to Dogellau pronounced Dol-clou

  • Belvoir Drive, Belvoir Street and Belvoir Castle in Leicester/Leicestershire pronounced Beaver ...

    Apparently that was used as a test during the war to check for potential german soldiers/spies etc.

  • These arent particularly difficult:

    Prudoe in the Northeast - Prudder

    Ponteland, Northumberland - Pont EE land (emphasis on the ee sound).

    Alnwick, Northumberland - Annick

    Scone, Perthshire - Scoon

    I can't think of any more right now!

  • Anstruther said as Ainster

    Culross said as Cyooross

    Culzean said as Cullane

    and the best one for me is Strathaven said as Strayven. Best for me cos Strathaven toffee (more a kind of tablet than toffee or fudge) came from there. I just lived up the road in the 70s and a trip to Stra'ven on a saturday afternoon had to include buying a bar of toffee. Sadly they ceased production in 2005. :(

  • Leicester - pronounced Lester

    Worcester - pronounced Wooster

    Worcestershire - pronounced Woostershire

    Plaistow - pronounced Plahstow

    Greenwich - pronounced Grenich

    Beaconsfield - pronounced Bekonsfield

    Bicester - pronounced Bister

  • My current Home town!

    Witham.... pronounced Wit - am!

  • llanberice in wales- pronnouced clan bear iss :) x

  • ...... spelt Llanberis........;-)

    Three places in Milton Keynes with same endings but pronounced differently.

    Broughton , pronounced Brorton

    Loughton , pronounced Lowton

    Woughton , pronounced Woofton!

  • oh whatever :P

    urm.... i have no other places apart form there's a southsea i live in and a southsea in wales and another in a couple of other places it's spelt right just there's loads of them :)

  • Sounds like Tarbet and Tarbert up here. We've loads of both.

    There's also duplication on some of the loch names. Lol.

  • Grosmont in Yorkshire is pronounced Gromont.

  • Just found the following -

    Mousehole, pronounced mou-zl

    Tintwistle, pronounced tinsel

  • Cowbit = Cu Bit

  • Oswaldthistle in Lancs. pronounced ozzle - twisel

    near where I come from originally.

  • The Staffordshire Kick Asthma holiday was held just outside the village of Brewood - which is pronounced ""Brood"".

    Just outside Weston-Super-Mare there's a village called Congresbury - pronounced Cons-bry.

    Virtually every place name that ends ""cester"" has that part of the name pronounced ""ster"" - Gloucester, Leicester, Worcester, and so on. The exception that proves the rule is ""Cirencester"", pronounced exactly how it is spelled!

    Leomington Spa is pronounced ""Lemmington Spa"", and Leominster is pronounced ""Lem-ster""!

  • ........... but spelt Leamington Spa!

  • Eglwyswrw in Pembrokeshire, Wales

    Pronounced 'Egg-lus-uro'


  • Armagh - Our Ma.

    Lough Eglish - Lock Eglish

  • Mousehole in Cornwall pronouced Moosawl

  • Mousehole in Cornwall pronouced Moosawl

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