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Places to confuse the tourists

Following woody with Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and Kate kindly producing the correct pronounciation, I thought we might start a thread for Places said differently than their spelling would suggest.

Starting off with Milngavie just outside Glasgow - Its said as Mill-guy.

There's a story of a couple of folk passing through Milngavie who weren't too sure how it was pronounced. So they thought they'd check before saying it to anyone. Stopping for a bite to eat, they asked at the counter: ""Can you tell us how you pronounce the name of this place?"" Lad behind the counter said, slowly and clearly ""Costa Coffee"".

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Been to Dogellau pronounced Dol-clou


Belvoir Drive, Belvoir Street and Belvoir Castle in Leicester/Leicestershire pronounced Beaver ...

Apparently that was used as a test during the war to check for potential german soldiers/spies etc.


These arent particularly difficult:

Prudoe in the Northeast - Prudder

Ponteland, Northumberland - Pont EE land (emphasis on the ee sound).

Alnwick, Northumberland - Annick

Scone, Perthshire - Scoon

I can't think of any more right now!


Anstruther said as Ainster

Culross said as Cyooross

Culzean said as Cullane

and the best one for me is Strathaven said as Strayven. Best for me cos Strathaven toffee (more a kind of tablet than toffee or fudge) came from there. I just lived up the road in the 70s and a trip to Stra'ven on a saturday afternoon had to include buying a bar of toffee. Sadly they ceased production in 2005. :(


Leicester - pronounced Lester

Worcester - pronounced Wooster

Worcestershire - pronounced Woostershire

Plaistow - pronounced Plahstow

Greenwich - pronounced Grenich

Beaconsfield - pronounced Bekonsfield

Bicester - pronounced Bister


My current Home town!

Witham.... pronounced Wit - am!


llanberice in wales- pronnouced clan bear iss :) x


...... spelt Llanberis........;-)

Three places in Milton Keynes with same endings but pronounced differently.

Broughton , pronounced Brorton

Loughton , pronounced Lowton

Woughton , pronounced Woofton!


oh whatever :P

urm.... i have no other places apart form there's a southsea i live in and a southsea in wales and another in a couple of other places it's spelt right just there's loads of them :)


Sounds like Tarbet and Tarbert up here. We've loads of both.

There's also duplication on some of the loch names. Lol.


Grosmont in Yorkshire is pronounced Gromont.


Just found the following -

Mousehole, pronounced mou-zl

Tintwistle, pronounced tinsel


Cowbit = Cu Bit


Oswaldthistle in Lancs. pronounced ozzle - twisel

near where I come from originally.


The Staffordshire Kick Asthma holiday was held just outside the village of Brewood - which is pronounced ""Brood"".

Just outside Weston-Super-Mare there's a village called Congresbury - pronounced Cons-bry.

Virtually every place name that ends ""cester"" has that part of the name pronounced ""ster"" - Gloucester, Leicester, Worcester, and so on. The exception that proves the rule is ""Cirencester"", pronounced exactly how it is spelled!

Leomington Spa is pronounced ""Lemmington Spa"", and Leominster is pronounced ""Lem-ster""!


........... but spelt Leamington Spa!


Eglwyswrw in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pronounced 'Egg-lus-uro'



Armagh - Our Ma.

Lough Eglish - Lock Eglish


Mousehole in Cornwall pronouced Moosawl


Mousehole in Cornwall pronouced Moosawl


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