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Not an asthma related post. Just a grannie feeling a bit sorry for making her granddaughter cry.

Just before family went home, 3 year old said she had a sore bottom and her mum said wait till we get home for the sudofed.

Grannie in her wisdom decided to take the wee one upstairs cos knew she had some. Of course couldn't find it anywhere so took gentlest cleansing cream and applied sparingly to sore bot. Instant cries and screams from junior - its just a guess but perhaps the gentlest cleansing cream still has some perfume in it?

Rushed her through to the bathroom where I applied copious cold water to wash off the offending cream. This of course also had the effect of making her nappy rash hurt all the more. Her mum came up to see what was happening. Took the wee one back downstairs and the crying lessened a bit. Still tears, though as strapped into her car seat for the journey home - poor wee thing having to sit down - and although she nodded off in car, I'm told, and fine by time they got home some 20 minutes later, now even 4 hours later, I feel such a bad, bad Grannie for not thinking about what irritant ingredients might be still in a gentlest cleansing cream. Almost in tears myself.

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hey I am new to both asthma and this site. (diagnosed about 3 weeks ago) and i was looking through the posts when i saw yours.

It is so nice to see someone rambling about things like in your post. Obviously what happened to your grandchild wasnt nice, but you didnt mean it and the kid will forget it pretty fast :) the fact that you were being so thoughtful to relieve her pain is what matters! also you have now learned you lesson have you not!!

hope things brighten up for you! it wasnt a big deal and she will love you just as much!!

smile :)




Thanks Lizzie,

We have such super times together, the wee one and me and her papa. It was just such an unhappy end to another good day. But yes as you say, she will remember Grannie being a magician's assistant to her pretend magic and helping make the tea for all - her input? to sit on my red chair and make sure everyone kept out of the kitchen. I made the tea to the accompaniment of MUM!! DAD!! PAPA!! AND THE CATS!!, YOU'VE NOT TO COME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said many times over.

Moira xx


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