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My Story

Hi folks

I guess i want to moan but at the same time explain something to stop confusion. At the moment i am going through a very rough time health wise - but asthma is not the main cause just one part of it.

I have a rare genetic condition which is gradually getting worse because this is going down hill so are my other medical conditions. I guess that explains in a nutshell why i am so down at the moment. I can barely do anything for myself and require almost 24/7 care. Sad times!

There is no current cure for my rare genetic condition so my medical team are just treating symptoms as they appear and aiming to keep me at home in my own enviroment.

Hope that makes things a little clearer and sorry if i have upset or confused anyone recently.


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I'm sure you haven't really upset anyone. The thing about forums, is that it's very difficult to tell by words on the computer screen what anyone else is going through at the time they write. It's great that you can just put into words what's been troubling you, and how your symptoms are affecting your everyday life.

Fingers crossed that your symptoms become a bit more controlled and you regain some independence.

Wishing you well.



hi plumie

Take care hon and I look foward to your comments. But i hope the health concerns become more managable, look after yourself 1st ok



Plummie, Sending u a hug and warm wishes... Take care and keep up the fight


hi Plumie x sending you lots of love and hugs and keep your chin up.You have helped me so mutch with your kind words and stay positive advice.Take care lol xxx


being ill is never easy and when it gets as bad as you sound, its particularly difficult. why would you have upset anyone? best wishes sent your way xxx


Hi Plumie, I'm really sorry to hear you're going through such a difficult time. My heart goes out to you. It's rotten to be so ill and yet you're such a caring person and have encouraged so many people. You are more understanding and do more to help than a lot of people who have good health. xxx


Hi Plumie,

I am so sorry that you are having such difficulty with your health at the moment, being ill is so awful.

I do hope your health issues become more manageable for you soon.


Hi Plumie, hope you feel loads better soon.It's so frustrating for you.Take care and hope things improve soon.Thinking of you

lots of love and hugs

Kate xxx


Hugs to you Plumie.


I join in on sending those hugs.


Plumie- Hope you are feeling ok **big hugs** to you



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