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Apologies for starting this seasons thread a tad late-words could not express the horror of Evertons performance on Saturday (well not the sort of words that were being uttered at the time!!!)but ,hopefully,it will not get worse!

All other supporters,feel free to ""big up"" your team or just have some banter.

To start things off:is that you Bex in that car of Plymouth supporters on the ad ????????

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  • Hello Bluejam, oh dear not the best of starts to the season but on the bright side things can only get better! When is your next match? Hope you win the next one, its only a game NOT! lol. Take good care and hope you don't get too much stick from the pesky L******** co-workers. Take good care, love Lois x

  • bigging up chelsea as usual ;) had to laugh at liverpools defeat to spurs on sunday hehehehe!

    Good start so far....

  • Some of us, in fact all the other clubs other than the primadona league started a week ago :)



  • Primadonnas ???-Stoke ,Wigan,Burnley,Fulham,Portsmouth ????

    surely not ?

  • After getting some good natured ribbing from Celtic fans at the U2 Glasgow gig (they ribbed too soon!),feeling much better tonight-Joleon who???????

  • Hola footie fans !!

    How is your season going so far?-on a personal level,its nice (for me) to see Everton scoring a few and keeping clean sheets and I,ll bet Lois is sick of both sides of Mersey side after last week !!(apologies Lois).

  • Hola Bluejam! Just when we think it can't get any worse we go and get whopped by Lpool 6.1!!! Aaargh, the orange man days are numbered me thinks. Rumour has it that he has been given 4 matches to turn things round but we are not sure if he is at numb 2 or 3. Zut alors! not the best of starts, never mind its only a game lol. Got teased at church by pne fan who said i walked to church but i didn't walk alone i walked with six others! He is only 7 so it was funny. Long time no post Bluejam, how is you ? x

  • At least one team on Mersey side knew how to win away in Europe this week !!

    sorry red fans ,couldnt resist !!

  • My slight pleasure at the collective doomery amongst my LFC supporting colleagues at work tomorrow will be tempered by what I regard as 2pts dropped for us-but Stoke had chances so probably a fair result all told.

    Did I hear correctly that Sir Alex was complaining about not enough injuty time yesterday??-you have to admire his Cojones,

  • Lightening up a drab encounter with Wolves at Goodison was the news of ""the beachball"" at the Stadium of Light-the fact that it was punched onto the pitch by one of the own fans only increased the arfage !!

  • Without being paranoid,how come every premiership team that wants a new ground gets it waved through,be it in central London,Portsmouth,Victorian Stanley Park in Liverpool,but Everton,s modest relocation to Kirby was scuppered???-maybe our directors arent in the right hand-shaking circles !!

    -oh,and a belated ""well done"" to Lois,s Hull for beating us last week!

  • 3 ""lucky"" goals for the Everton yesterday at Chelsea-was I complaining ?????????

  • on saturday -stoke city drew against Wigan 2-2

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