I noticed that early in this series,Ros did ACTUALLY smile and I was on the verge of never watching it ever again but I,m glad I didnt do that because we have been treated to the sight of Ros running quite a lot and I reckon she has modelled her running style on that ""baddie"" robot from Terminator 2 !!

-she also seems to be running (sic) out of clothes to wear -she has been wearing that little short black jacket with jeans for weeks now !

-dont give away last nights episode,I havent seen it yet !

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  • I only started watching Spooks on a regular basis this series and i love it

    last nights episode was brilliant!

  • I've watched spooks from the start, but it's not as good as it used to be. I have hermione's mobile number, can ask if she needs a new jacket lol!

  • nevermind a new jacket. tell her to organise me a date with Richard Armitage :D

  • this keep you happy?


  • No, Im hard to please

    only the man in the flesh will do :P

  • THAT jacket was on again last night-will Ros survive ??? my guess says yes !

  • Ros was to be killed off, so you may not see that black jacket again!

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