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'Come Dine with Me'..... Allergy Free - New Game!

Come dine with me is a competition programme on channel 4 - day time viewing ( Yes, I have been watching too much daytime TV) Four contestants cook for each other and they mark each others efforts.

OK here are the rules for my new game.

1 - Four people nominate themselves and state their food allergies and / or intollerances.

2 - When four people are nominated, we then each design a three course menu that will suit everyone!

3 - No marks / competition but we can comment on the menu and whether we would enjoy it!

That's it! Have fun!



I nominate myself first - Allergies - Severe Egg Allergy and milk intollerance (Small amounts of Milk OK)



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Food Allergies = All nuts, and raw apple (But cider okay yippee,) So maybe for main course Pork cooked in Cider!


ooooh this sounds fun! :D

Allergies/intollerances - nuts & peanuts, kiwi, and lactose intollerant


Gluten Free Vegan here oh and teeny tiny portions roughly 25 grams for the main.


Allergic to milk and eggs. Intolerant to mushrooms.


ok- allergies, all nuts and I'm diabetic, so something with chicken would be good!..or a nice pud (so rare that I can eat them!)

Fi x


Oooh! That is cooking for 6!

Eeeek! Going to be a challenge.

I will take the first four of us and have a go!

I will be cooking for Me, Katina, Nicki & Bex!




OK then.......

Starter - Light summer lettuce soup (Gluten free veg stock & lettuce with a few herbs) Mint leaf garnish with crispy bread rolls or Gluten free rolls

Main - Mediteranean bean casserol with mixed beans, tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, onions, mushrooms and fresh herbs, especially Thyme. Served on a bed ofItalian rice garnished with chopped basil. Fresh french beans from the farmers market. Small portions available.

Pudding - Light summer fruits ( blackcurrants, strawberries, redcurrants, blackberries) with a gluten free crumble topping served with Soya custard ( made with gluten free corn flour and madagascan vanilla ) Garnished with a spring of redcurrants.

Drinks - Good French red Burgundy or a nice crisp Italian White. Soft drinks also availabe!

.... How does that sound?


Kate, Plumie is intolerant to mushrooms and wine makes me wheeze can I bring cider for me?


oh wow! kate that sounds amazing! can we put this into practise?!


I was cooking for the first 4 on the list!

Sorry , plumie, you are in the second batch! XXX

Yes, I can provide cider along side the soft drinks!



Love this program kate - the commentator makes it tho lol!!!

Here goes......

Allergies to tomatoes, kiwi, banana,

And most dairy products tend to make me wheeze more but at a push could do dairy if required to!!!


Lotsa lv Kat Xxx


Scrumpy Cider please then!


Anyone brave enough to feed me?

No nuts, lentils or chick peas, wheat and its anaphylaxis so watch no starches, rusks, stock, cubes msgs, egg, kiwi, oh and my pancreas is shot so no alcohol either!


Crikey, Marmite, what on earth do you survive on?


In costa baked potatoes and apples as witnessed by Bex

At home normal old fashioned cooking from scratch which in practice means lots of burnt roast dinners!


Roasted Vegetables, I think I could do a 101 ways to serve them. BTW Tesco's stock a new Gluten free bread called Genius bread it is apparently really good and tastes just like real bread.



Gutted genius bread got egg white in it:(


marmite i am like you, when i am in hospital i live on jacket potatoes and tuna and apples and bananas and my consultant wondered how i lost lots of weight......

I have just discovered dairy and egg free trifle

Soya whipping cream (german brand)

Soya custard


Tinned fruit

It was yummy and i love it as i havent had trifle in years since i couldnt have dairy.


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