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Hi People just haveing a genral moan about money. I have been saveing up now for a few month to decorate after xmas I pulled my purse strings in very tight and have done well got quite a bit saved up being very proud of myself I told alot of friends and family members now everyday im getting phone calls saying can I borrow this and that but its not just £10 its £100 and £200 im so daft I cant say no so now my bank account is down to £70 and im owed alot of money in everyone has said they will give it back to me by the latest sunday but some are pleading poverty to me which isnt fair I could of said no but im not like that I have asked my dad if I give him all the money will he give me a check so I dont have to carry so much money to town to my bank he has said no problem but now I will have to wait till check clears so that I will be able to get some of MY money I am never going to tell anyone how much ive managed to save again. sorry bout rabble bout im just so frustated with myself has anyone else had this problem or am I the only person daft enough not to say NOOOO thanks guys take care all and keep warm xxx


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