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other patients

oh how i wish i could be put in a side ward when im in hospital so i could avoid other people lol. been in hospital for a while and id started to use the headphones in trick (with no music on) just so that i dont have to speak to the stupid and ignorant people that should by rights have their mouths sewn up. one woman this time was a complete pain-nothing new but she took it to a new level. a patient next to me who has terminal lung cancer who was a lovely positive woman went to the loo very fast as she had a dodgy stomach due to the drugs she was having to take. this other woman kept making comments about how she wishes she could walk as fast as that!... then when i was having a very serious attack, was foaming at the mouth and could just about make out the nurses and docs saying that i had no breaths in or out due to vomiting, this woman came to the curtains that were drawn around my bed and opened them to say that she wished she could get her phelgm up like that cos she felt awful! the nurses were still putting her in her place when i was stabilised about 15mins later. she also chatted all night with the deaf woman in the bed next to her which meant nobody got any sleep. oh the joys xxx

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I feel for you !! I know exactly what u mean!! I had one old lady asking me to fetch her things. When I explained that I was on 2 drips and had just come from HDU and was not allowed out of bed, she got all huffy about how 'the young' (I'm 34!) were selfish these days !!! She was fully mobile !!!!


When I was in a side room as no space for me on the ward, everyone thought I was private patient and very obviously shunned me when I tried to strike up conversation in the day room. Turned out they'd seen my husband come visit at odd times. Working in health physics, he'd pop in at tea break still wearing his white coat. Looking back, should've put some bunsen burner tubing in his pocket to look like stethoscope when passing the doubters in outer ward. Lol.


Oh my, some folk really are off their trolley....must be their meds. Hope you recover soon or get the side room.



Oh Jay, I'm so sorry that you're inpatient, and your roomies sound HORRIBLE!

I often use the headphones trick (listening to guided imagery, online radio or iPlayer, or nothing, as you suggest!). I also find myself wishing to be in a side room, but find that it's very easy to get overlooked by the busy nurses. They go in and out of the main ward quite often, but only pop in to the side rooms if they're called, especially as I do my own medications.

The main ward feels 'safer' to me, especially when I've just come from ITU or HDU, as the other patients will usually call the nurse if they notice me in trouble, and the nurses see me regularly as they go in and out of the ward. Side rooms are now too scary, having been very unwell there, and found that it took a very long time to get the help that I needed.

I hope you can get out of hospital soon, and that the horrid patients are replaced while you have to stay!

Hugs, Wishes


Hope u get home soon Jay .... Been there also .... I love doing the headphone trick plus laptop and nintendo ds...... These keep me sane. I Always sleep wie one eye open ......


i know exactly what you mean... lol you poor thing! hope u escape soon!!


been home a few days now and feeling ok today for a change. just finished my preds and anti-biotics but weaning myself off the home nebs. i look like a druggie tho with all of the needle marks from drips, injections and bloods taken but at least im home and away from annoying people who should know better. trying to still live on 'one level' to keep stable but dont know how long that will last as i am dying for a decent rest x


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