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Credit Card Disputes (AGAIN ???????!!!!!!!!!!)

Dont know if anyone remembers,but I had a dispute about several dodgy credit card transactions last year with the ""cheeky"" so and so who had gotten hold of my details upping the ante with purchases getting on for about the £1000 mark-this was eventually sorted; but lo and behold a statement pops through he letterbox and apparently I have ordered £1942 worth of tickets through British Airways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-wish I had,could be jetting off to Honolulu now-instead of which I will now have another round of ball-aching letter writing and phoning until it is resolved again-seems a bit strange to happen twice with different card numbers but the SAME company????!

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.....and then I left a fiver in the self service till at Tesco and Everton got beat,what a great week!!!!!!


time to change companies methinks!


Would you believe I had a telephone call from their fraud dept this affy to assure me that my current card had been blocked but that I would be sent a new one within a few days-like I would want another one from them?????!


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