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leaking celing!!

aghhhh! my celing is leaking into the study .. all the papers are wet and aghh!!

... apparently ....

some pipe got disconnected and the water tank leaked ion the loft and all the water has made a crak in study celing and the water has cum through i ave ad to clear the loft .. full of water and wet cardboard boxes... ewww

the loft is all dusty.. its damp and eww not good for asthma!!

just to add to it parents away for the weekend and i am by myself !!

katie xx

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hahaha.Our ceiling started leaking into my room.By the end of the night I had 6 buckets spread all over my floor.Let me say when your room is a bombsite and There is 6 buckets of water all over the floor,Don;t Try to go to the toilet!


that could be quite a fun game if you think about it, the radiator in the hall leaks constantly, we just play iceskating


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