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Does any1 play runescape here????

I found tht a gr8 thing 2 do when im school ill:)

It letts me scape to the world on RUNESCAPE

So plz post if u wnt infomation on it!!!!!!!!

And sure post ur user name and password and i can give u 400k for free

I got 58 million in the bank!!!!!!!


(P.S) Private mail me ur user name and password encase there are scammers in the forum

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My user name RJM24

Add me


ah a kid just like mine. my son was off ill today though not asthma today but bruised ribs. his maths project was still on the side but i'm proud to say he had earnt more 'money' on his favourite game site too. both my boys are addicted to the site so i will pass on your id so that you can all 'kill' ppl 2gether in the wildey. at least i think that is correct :-)


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