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Grumpy old person!

I'm turning into a grumpy. I had an asthma attack and ended up in a n e last night and still precarious today - hubby had a motorbike accident this morning and fractured his shoulder blade. Yes...very lucky he got off so lightly as bike is totalled...

I'm SO SO SO SO fed up and grumpy and surrounded by Christmas cheerfulness! Lol.......bah humbug ;)

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Sorry to hear about yours and hubby's misfortune. Hope you both recover soon. As for being grumpy well you have every right to be.

I have a throat and sinus infection at the moment and as you say all this Christmas cheerfulness just doesn't wash right now.



Thanks Dave - hope you feel better soon!


Wee things just sent to try u.. . Just think of one good reason for getting out of bed each day.... And remember that reason for the rest of the day .... No matter wot !!!!!!!

My happy reason for today.... Getting to wake up and being able to go home !!!!!


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