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its all go!

Hi everyone,

Sorry its been awhile its just been so hectic here since the wedding,so much to do and so little time. On top of it all i have got myself a job, 15 hours at sainsburys nothing fancy i know. I am sort of looking forward to it, you see i havent worked for three years now due to my asthma and the fact i had a pulmonary embolism as well. I was a nurse in the local hospital and now cant do it anymore so its a case of retraining not sure what to do but sainsburys is a start. Anyway must go walk the dog in the snow!

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Cogratulations, Belinda, it certainly sounds like things have been busy for you! Well done on your new job - any job is an achievement when you've been off work for that long, it gives me hope that I might get back to work in some way, shape or form one of these days!

Any ideas for retraining? Just an idea, and please ignore if suggestions are not wanted, but I would have thought that someone with nursing experience plus all the personal experiences you've had with your health would make an excellent counsellor. And it's a job that you can do from a chair in a nice warm room, even from your own house if you want!

Take care of yourself

Em H


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