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Did the nurse break patient confidentiality?

Hi all, need to have a moan about this. My two teenage (14 & 15 yrs) daughters & I went for our flu jabs on Fri. We all went in together as my 15 year old has ASD & is selective mute & wont speak to the nurse & I have to explain this every time. There was also a male student nurse there who asked if it was ok to observe. Anyway I went first for the jab & the nurse looked at her screen & said 'I see you dont want a smear test, why's that?' I could have fallen off the chair! I said it was personal & I had discussed it at length with my Dr. She then asked me again why not & gave me a massive lecture on why I should! Most of it went over my eldest daughters head but my fourteen yr old had lots of questions! When I got home I started to think how inappropiate the nurse had been to do this infront of my kids, am I just over re-acting? Thanks in advance for reading.

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Hi,dont think I would have been happy about that also.Should have asked you if you were ok to talk about it or asked you stop behind a bit on your own.You could report it but she must have thought it was ok and just thinking of you. Love Glynis x


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