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Just don't know where else to let off steam!

Maddie is poorly with a cold! As many of you know, this is quite scary when your child has brittle asthma! She is struggling and wheezing.

Then today I got a call from the hospital saying she has been booked in for bronchoscopy and ct scan, both under general anaesthetic, next Tuesday!

I'm scared!

Not only is she my baby, aged just 2, she's got poorly lungs, her SATs never get above 92, even when well. Now she's going to have a general anaesthetic!

To add to it, she's got a stinking cold, her chest is full of gunk and she's struggling!

Anyone else been through this procedure?! I'm worried cos she so poorly anyway, without goin through it!

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Hi Emily

Hugs to you all at this very worrying time.

Hope things improve for Maddie, and she is feeling stronger soon. Good luck for Tuesday.

Shelly xxxxx


Hi Emily, I would have thought the procedures should be postphoned until Maddie has got over her cold. I would ring her consultant (via his secretary) and explain the situation, plus your concerns.

I know you have had a terrible time of it and I do feel for you. Let us know what happens. xxx


poor baby. I hope you all get through it. Let us know how she gets on



Hi Emily

Thinking of you both, let us know how things go.

Big hug to you both

Clare Xx


I was like you really scared.But Matty had a bronchoscopy and they gave a steroid injection to protect the lungs.He is brittle too.

They will only do the procedure if they are 100% happy.

Good luck x


Thank you all so much for your replies. They're very comforting.

Maddies cold has eased without the usual coughing fits. Yes, she's got a strong wheeze and her chest sounds v congested even when she talks etc but we are hopeful the bronchoscopy will go ahead on Tuesday. (fingers crossed!)

We just need some answers now and a result as to how much lung damage she may or may not have.

Rattles- did you find out some results the same day? I'm not sure how it'll feel to have to wait weeks for any results!

Thank you all once again. This site is such a support and invaluable.



Just a quickie....

The bronchoscopy went better than expected and she was able to complete the procedure. (we were warned if her oxygen SATs dropped too much en they'd have to stop! We were also warned she may need Cpap too!)

We are still waiting for the ct results and the lab results but her airways looked normal size. They were inflamed which points we are still dealing with brittle asthma and not another condition.

Thank you all for your support. This site is truly amazing!


That is good news, glad that you found this site, it (and it's members) do help.

All the best to both Maddie and yourself.


Glad to hear it went well. I was wondering how things went. xx


oh wot a relief thats great news,


Glad to hear all went well. Nice to hear good things instead of bad all the time, ( well you all know what I mean when it comes to asthma). Not good but not worse.

Shelly xx


Oh I am so pleased everything went OK


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