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rant alert rant alert

grrrrrr. just got back from a gp appointment -an ""emergency"" ones, one of those for 'genuine medical emergencies'. what the??? is usually my repsonse to the receptionist. a medical emergency? no, if it were that my dear we'd be down A&E. i hate that term. anyway, when i called for a 'same-day' appointment (as i like to refer to it) as my lad's chest seemed like it could be brewing. you know what it's like - you learn what could be the signs. they're not always right, but at least you have something to go on and it's the best way to prevent an asthma attack surely. nip it in the bud. the gps have always said this - not to let it get so bad that he'll need pred etc. well today, the gp that we saw pretty much saw us out of his door the minute we got in there. he was grumbling away to me saying that we should have made a routine appointment, wasting his time etc. he made me feel like a piece of poo he'd just scraped off his shoe. to top it all he didn't even listened to why i'd taken my son in the first place and hardly listened to my lad's chest. well, i could feel the red mist rising. gosh, i feel so embarrassed now. i went into an enourmous rant about what it's like to have a child with asthma, that doctors like him put parents off at the early signs of a chest infection and then our children do end up really poorly. feel so daft now - wish i'd have kept my cool!

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Well done you.......wish I had the courage to do stuff like that sometimes.


I dont in the least blame you and I know exactly how you feel. It's happened a few times with me and my son - not our usual GP but one of those that you only go to in the last resort... I remember it happening to my mum too, when I was a youngster and she just knew I was brewing an asthma attack. GP very dismissive of her and she used to get so upset (I'm 53, so these dismissive doctors are nothing new!!)

We mums know our children better than anyone. And like you, I've often been told 'better safe than sorry' and that they would rather I erred on the cautious side. I hope the GP you saw wasnt your usual one. If we go to a GP who isnt our usual one, I usually say 'sorry to bother you but my son isnt very well and would you mind listening to his chest'.

Sorry, I'm rambling a bit, but just wanted to express my understanding and total sympathy. And dont let it put you off going back to the surgery.

Edit. Our surgery used to have 'medical emergency appointments' so I know what you mean. They did away with those a few years ago, and now have appointments on the day, or if all appointments have gone, you can see the triage doctor.


oow i love standing up to the docs in work.. shame i dont have the courage to do it outside work when i go gp or cons :( tho i did actually once stand up to my cons once - regretted it after :S grrr...

anyways well done :) maternal instinct always knows, always wins!

x x x


Well done - hate the ones like that, definitely last resort! And yes, no way you're going to wait for GP if real emergency, nipping it in the bud you'd think would save NHS time and money so something they should be encouraging.

I am a total wimp when it comes to standing up to annoying consultants, GPs etc so have to admire you not just taking it. I just sit there thinking 'I can't believe you just said that' then curse afterwards. Fine about standing up for my rights with BT etc (I can and have had a right go at them for being unhelpful idiots) but in a medical setting I always doubt myself even when what's being said is total nonsense like 'you're breathing rather fast, perhaps you should breathe into a paper bag!'

Hope your son is feeling better now.


if your motherly instinct is telling you to seek medical help then in no way is it a waste of time. i have been made to feel that same way many times over past 9 years but after losing my precious 8 year old daughter to a sudden severe asthma attack only 10 weeks ago, i doubt il ever be made to feel that way by a gp again. u however, you will come up against it again, but when that time comes, think of me and what iv lost.....go with ur maternal instinct and know that im right there fighting ur corner all the way. sickening that in a year, an average of 30 children will die thru asthma in the uk - gps do not have the right to play god with our childrens lives based on a 3minute appt. its NEVER EVER a waste of any1s time when its ur childs life in the balance. (( im horrified!))

jaime xx


sorry bout your daughter jaime :(

it be 2 years for my close friend now next month... she would have been sweet 17 next monday :( and a year for keira (you would have seen her mum on her - aileen and her article in take a break)

its awful that too many people dont take us seriously and also that docs dun take u seriously.

ALWAYS go by your gut instinct + your maternal instinct and you never go far wrong.

x x x


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