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Asthma, Hay Fever, my five year old is climbing the walls between 5-9 pm

Does this ring bells with anyone else? My five year old is on Singulair, Becatide and Salbutimol when needed. He was diagnosed with Asthma when two but and we haven't been in hospital with his asthma for 18 months (hoorah). Since beginning of June he has been getting very manic and anxious in the evening and can't settle until late evening. Sometime piriton will help him but tonight was off the scales. My chest is also feeling tight which doesn't help as the anxiety levels in the house lift the roof off! Any one got any experience of this and how best to deal with it? I'm guessing it's the pollen. He's so tired he can't cope at school. Glad of any advice or just to hear from anyone going through anything similar.

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Does he have anti histimines in the morning? if so you could try giving them regularly in the evenings instead, I found that that helped me.

Em xx


Oh yes this is all too familiar. To be honest my 4 year old's hyper behaviour and then genuine difficulty in settling to sleep because of meds and pollen count is causing real problems and the pred is making her 'out there' after about 3.30pm. It's horrendous and I'm still trying to work out how to cope with it! She's also on singulair, flixotide, nebs of ventolin, antihistamine and other meds too.

My sympathies.....


My sympathies with you all.

I'm like that these last few days. I can't settle to anything, can't be bothered doing anything anyway. Being a grown up, I can understand the whys and wherefores of the weather/hayfever/asthma mix and usually take myself off to sit in the garden by myself or go for a drive to sit somewhere on my own till it passes a bit.

Can only send sympathies to you and the little uns.

GrannyMo xx


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