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little boys eating habits after an asthma attack

hi everyone

i am new to the site, was wondering if anyone has had a problem with their child eating after an asthma attack

my little 1 had an attack three weeks ago he was really bad in hospital for 4 days on nebs and oxygen for 2 days along with iv medicine , since the attack he has eaten very little just a bite of toast or a bit of a fish finger per day, he is drinking but i am very worried. my own gp said just give him time and keep an eye on his weight he has lost 1 1/2 pound which he can't really afford to loose he is only 2 stone 1/2 pound now can anyone give me advice. we do go to hospital this week to see chest consultant.

thank you..xx

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Hi there,

My younger daughter had milk and wheat allergies when she was little. Weighing a lot less than a child of her age, I worried oh so much when, after a visit to hospital, she would just pick at her food.

Now 29, she is no longer allergic to milk or wheat and is a healthy weight.

Please do not worry over your little one not eating. Its been a stressful time for the wee soul. I'm sure he will let you know when he feels like eating again.

All best wishes, jakey's mum,




After I have had a severe attack and been in hospital I have very little appetite. It can take me a few days before I feel like eating again.



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