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Seasonal asthma or just bad behaviour?

last winter my son was diagnosed with asthma and then in feb this year a nut allergy. From May onwards he was fine and we hoped that the asthma was in fact the nut allergy and that the asthma episode has past.

Two weeks ago Jack started chewing at his clothes and generally being a bit naughty. Last week he began to play up big time and started not eating , generally having a low appetite and the occasional cough. He has been waking in the night and not sleeping well. This week Jack has been very badly behaved, chews his clothes, hardly eats, has a cough and looks a bit blue in the face. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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I would say poor appetite, looking a bit blue and waking in the night would all be signs of an asthma flare up, not sure about the chewing of clothes though. Asthma does tend to flare up at this time of year. Does he have a preventer inhaler? I would make an appointment with GP to discuss your concerns and his asthma management. As for his behaviour if he is not feeling well he may be less co-operative than usual and a bit grumpy.

little nutter also has a nut allergy, I think nut allergy and asthma can often go together. Along with the other usual issues, eczema and hayfever.

Hope things improve soon

ln x


Thank you for your reply. Think will pay the GP a visit although I hate going as I always feel that they treat you like an over protective mum!


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