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Oh I'm so stressed! My little girl can't seem to stop coughing this morning. I feel useless. SHe is so pale, I'm considering taking her to a&e. Our first appointment with the asthma consultant isn't till 6th March. I have so much I want to know.....that I need to know. Since our last trip to a&e 2 weeks a go, she hasn't really got 'better' just maybe stabilised her symptoms. That's because I have kept her home & avoided contact with this icy weather! & been using pump. Sorry to rant but I hear her coughing all night long & I just want her to be well. Her nose is red & sore from where it's running constantly. Her diet is poor because she wont eat.

Thanks for listening, Sam x

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Definitely get her checked - either ring out of hours service or A&E. We have always found out of hours service really good for our son (now 14). This is a really bad time of year for asthmatics because so many colds and bugs around.

Keep going back to GP if you're worried - GP can prescribe steroids and antibiotics until you see consultant which should help. I dont know how old your daughter is but things have improved for my son as he's got older. Good luck and feel free to PM me anytime.


Hi Sam

Sorry to hear your little girl is suffering. As Angie said I would get her checked. I have always been told if you give 10puffs and they continue to cough you need to get them seen and of course mothers instinct is always a great indicator! colds are a big trigger for my son and he nearly always needs a course of predisolone to get through it.

Let us know how she is.

Clare x


We are at a&e waiting....Although she won't keep still! It got to the point where she would be coughing every minute & I could tell she was working too hard! I'll keep u posted. Claire what is that medication a form of inhaler? I'm so new to this as I say? X


Hope your daughter feels better soon x x

Pred is steriods that are given oraly. little soluable tablets taken in water. They usually work well, we have some at home, though GP likes to know whenever we use it so that he can monitor how things are.


Hospital update

Thanks ALL, well yes she was prescribed predisolone for 3 days & a course of Amoxicillin (for upper respiratory indection). I had a nightmare last night trying to get the pred down her though, I let her help me mix them up in a little water (seeing as she only 4 thought this may help) but she almost vomited the first sip up. we then mixed in a tiny amount of juice, but still no. Think she was playing up more because she was tired & feeling poorly. Eventually after I added some crushed ice (lol) she managed to drink it. Not looking forwar to tonights dose! She seems slightly better today & doc also suggested keeping our heating on constant but just lowering the temp at night slightly. She is very sensitive to temp changes & as soon as that heating drops during early hours her cough start s & doesn't stop till morning. Do any of u have pets? We have had 2 shitzu dogs since b4 our kids were born. I don't think they are her trigger as wouldn't she be like this 'all the time'.?? I have seen a pattern with colds & coughs as triggers! I realise some people wouldn't even risk pets, but obviously we are taking everything into consideration. They don't moult & she loves them dearly. I just wondered if anyone else has been in this situation? Ebonie is sleeping now, peacefully, she is definitely on the mend :-) Sam x


So sorry to hear your little girl has been poorly. :(

It's good that she is improving now and must be such a relief for you.

As for dogs, we've always had our faithful Labrador since before the girls were born. And like you we were concerned that he had a bearing on our children's asthma. However they have both been allergy tested against dog dander. We too see other triggers for their symptoms and the big one is viral infections or temperature change.

Hope she continues to improve and you get sleep tonight xxxx


Dog talk!

That's a relief, thanks Emily! I am having Ebonie allergy tested next week. I'm pretty certain she will come back negative to dog dander - I HOPE so anyway, otherwise I'll be in real dilema! It's time for the preds. Wish me luck & yes hopefully a good night sleep ahead. Will be leaving the heating on constant again.

Another question actually......IF my dogs were a trigger, would the symptoms subside if my daughter was removed from the house for a 'day'? Like today for example, my mum had Ebonie (mum doesn't have pets) and she was still coughing, it seemed everytime her heart raced it crying, moving around etc??! Thanks, Sam....I love this forum, so helpful & friendly :-) xx


Carrying on with the doggy talk. I was a severe asthmatic as a child. My family brought a little dog when I was about 8 and as far as I remember I showed no allergic reaction.

However, when I returned home after 3 yrs at university, I was allergic to the dog. Now I am very very allergic to dogs and cats. I am on antihistamines permanently now and my eczema has returned big time. I hope Ebonie is not allergic to your dogs but I think this allergy business is very strange.


Hi Sam

So pleased to hear your little girl is improving, I hope you managed to get the pred into her!

My son was also tested for dogs but came back clear we did however rehome our cats as they came out as a big trigger and it made a difference.

I hope you got some sleep.



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