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Does it ever get any easier??

My daughter has just turned 2 and after a year of constant hospital admissions she was diagnosed with asthma several months ago. After the diagnosis she was put on 200 clenil morning and night as well as her blue inhaler when required, this didn't seem to have much effect so I was told to give 2 puffs of blue before clenil and seem to be constantly multi-dosing, she's now on Singulair at night and consultant said last week he is struggling to get her asthma controlled. She's constantly ill and given steriods, coughs non stop every night and sometimes throughout the day for up to a week. On wed she was admitted yet again to hospital with breathing problems and kept in until sat afternoon.

The only hope her consultant can give me is to get through this winter and once she's another year older things will improve as she grows, is this a possibility or is it simply to make me feel better?? I have no previous experience in dealing with asthma so its all new to me and right now very exhausting.

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Hi Allison, In response to your specific question 'does it get easier?' I can say that in my experience 'yes, it does'. I had uncontrolled asthma as a child, much like your daughter. I spent most of my childhood in hospital and only improved when I was about 11 (this was after going on the then new drug Intal). My asthma has always been troublesome and colds in particular set me off, but in between I am able to carry on as normal(ish!!)

My son was diagnosed early on with asthma and has been very poorly. When he went to secondary school 3 yrs ago his asthma worsened and at one stage he was so breathless he could hardly walk unaided. His attendance at school was 60% and my husband and I were beside ourselves with worry. But he very gradually improved and so far this term he has only had one week off school. He has also resumed PE and Games, something he hadnt been able to do for about 4 yrs. He is still on maximum medication but is able to cope so much better.

Of course everyone is different and the variability of asthma makes it difficult to treat, but certainly in our case things have improved over the years. I hope that will be the case for your daughter too.


Hi Allison

As you become more familiar with your daughter's triggers you will find it easier, for instance trigger avoidance. My daugther's asthma was initially difficult to control but with the right medication she improved. As I look back I can see it took 18 months before she was well controlled. I have also heard the one that as they grow they may improve. I guess it's to do with the size of the airways increasing.

Just a quick question is your daughter under a general paediatrician or a respiratory one? My daughter was under a general one but has recently been transferred to a respiratory one who seems a lot more clued up to asthma treatment and proactive.

It is tiring and lack of sleep doesn't help, I often cuddle up with my daughter and we settle down for a sleep during the day, and if possible get support from family and friends so that you can get a break or some sleep.

Hope your daughter gets better soon.


Thanks for the replies, I feel slightly more positive that things will improve in time. Yeah she is under a respiratory paediatrician and we also liase with the paediatric complex respiratory nurse on a regular basis, they seem to be doing their best and if I'm honest its general gp's and doctors at hospitals I have more problems with as they usually fail to recognise she has asthma or follow her care plan as instructed so are never much help. I did speak to the nurse this morning and she said she's still so small but in another year her tubes will start to grow and this will help so maybe that will be the case.

I do try sleeping in the day but can be hard, I'm on my own with another daughter aswell and take a lot of time off work when the youngest is ill so most of my free time is spent trying to make up hours at work that I've missed, not ideal but has to be done.

Hopefully another few years and things won't be as hard, thanks again for the advice:)


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