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worried mum


i'm new at all this and would just like to say hi and am looking to share some experences and exchange tips and info about asthma as my 3 year old son has asthma. even though my son was diagnosed about a year ago we have struggled endlessly with his breathing difficulties and i can't remember the last time he and i have slept through a whole night without waking. in march he was addmited to hospital with phimonia and since the summer has had two curses of steriod tablets and antibiotics. jack became really bad 3 weeks ago and on friday was admitted to hospital. his oxygen levels were extremlly low and it took a couple of days and long nights to get his levels to a good level. thankfully jack is home tonight and the specalist doctor was shocked to hear at no piont in the last year had anyone seen us about a management plan or even shown us how to use the inhailers. i can't help feeling a little dissapionted in the health system as if my husband and i had recieved the right support from the doctors my son may not of had to experience what he has had to go through. i thought that because asthm is so much more common these days that the health proffessionals would be more clued up! ( sorry i'm off my soap box now).

anyway would love to hear from anyone who has any tips on how better to manage asthma. where do we start in finding out his triggers. he is having an attack every 6-8 weeks at the moment.


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Hi. Not the first to have no great back up or advice from doctors. Just saw your post as about to log off. I'm the first in the family to have asthma (at grand old age of mid 50s) so no kids with similar history. I'm sure you will have some replies from other mums and dads very soon.

Take care.



sorry to hear your son has been so poorly.

I would see if you can get refered to a hosp consultant and poss an childrens asthma nurse. I have a fab asthma nurse.

My little one is on quite alot off meds, and sometimes very hard to control but we have a plan in place.

I must addmit my GP is quite good to and they will see her quickly.

every child has differnat triggers for my daughter is colds at the moment but poss dogs to now.

take care Natasha



thanks guys. he is much better now and are waiting for an appiontment to come for him to see a consultant, so hopefully it can be managed much better.

thanks for the support it makes a difference knowing theres others going through the same thing



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