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My GP seems to think my 12 month old daughter may be asthmatic. She has been phlegmy with a cough since the beginning of winter however since the start of the New Year she has started vomitting after coughing, and its ALWAYS on going from outside indoors. Shops with AC over the doors are my worst nightmare at the moment as they start her coughing and then she is quite sick.

I've been back to my GP several times about this and have quizzed her paediatrician about it, and now have a referral so really hoping to get some answers. I dont know if this is related to her possible asthma or not, has anyone ever heard if this before?!

Will be grateful to hear from anyone with any advice!

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Coughing jiggles up the old tummy and loads of people are sick when they have an asthma attack I think the sick thing is more common in kids. My son was nearly always sick it's very frightening for them and you are they are gasping for air whilst being sick. The change in temp from hot to cold or cold or hot is often an asthma trigger, I have the central heating in my house very low so if i have to go out the contrast is not that marked my kids moan but they have got used to putting on an extra wooly. You can not control the temp in shops but try if you have a lot to do go to a big mall (sp) because it is all under cover the temp been inside and outside shops is not that great and your daughter should cope better.

Incidentally I think the rise in central heating is one of the reasons asthma is on the increase. My son especially hates being cold (he does not have an ounce of fat on him) but he does suffer badly through the winter with his asthma I am convinved it is all that in and out of tropically warm to cold outside that does it, but he won't listen. Maybe when he gets his first fuel bill in his flat he will change his mind about the need for it to be stupidly hot.



OMG, have never really thought about looking up on the internet about my daughters asthma as it hasn't been too bad since diagnosis (which the doctor told me again the other day is still not a diagnosis even though since having the pumps she has rapidly improved and the 'peakflow' meter readings have gone up) but the last week or so she has really suffered from what i assumed was just a cough and cold but has developed harshly into a really annoying night time cough (it irritates the hell out of me so god knows how she must be feeling) and everytime she goes to bed she starts to cought until she is sick then it subsides. Im so glad i'm not the only person who is assuming this is a side effect to asthma as i thought i was going mad, just like i also thought it was a bit silly of me to say she also gets worse when i turn the air con on in the car!! also this week i have been taking the peakflow readings to keep check on her and she is struggling to get the arrow to 90-100, when given this device i wasn't told what was normal ect so am still in the dark?? does any one else have any ideas??


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