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Hayfever already?

For the past week or so my little boy has been waking early and sounding a little breathy, always a sign that his asthma's being triggered so have been giving him his reliever. He's also rubbing his nose a lot, and yesterday was rubbing his eyes. And we've had a bit of sneezing. And some chest tightening type of symptoms,again relieved by his reliever. I thought it was a cold, but it's gone on for about a week now so just wondering if this could be due to hayfever from tree pollen? Has anyone else been getting any hayfever symptoms in the last week or so? We live in Cambridgeshire. Thanks. x

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Morning Wheels yeap I have been taking my hayfever relief for the past month know because fo tree pollen. Might be worth getting him some piriton or going ot your dr and asking for hayfever relief on prescription. Hope once the hayfever is under control the asthma gets better


Hiya Asthmafamily, he's already on cetirizine for rhinits and was hoping that that would do the job this year but seemingly not :O( Might nip to the resp nurse or the doc next week to see if there any other anti-histamines he could try. Aaaaargh. It's so frustrating as he'd only just got control of his symptoms for the first time since being diagnosed over a year ago. Really frustrating. And knackering too, I can't bear early rising, it makes him so poorly from sleep deprivation.x


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