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Perennial Allergic Rhinitis

Not sure whether to post this on the Medical board or the Parents and Carers one so may do both if that's allowed.

My 7yo daughter was diagnosed with asthma around last September time (2006) and we don't generally find her asthma too much trouble. We had repeated visits to our doctors recently about headaches she'd been having. You know the kind of thing where it takes at least 3 consults to get heard:~/ The night before our consult I threw some of her symptoms into google and learnt about Perennial Allergic Rhinitis. The symtoms list on the websites fit her to a T. At the next consult I asked the doctor if he agreed that this fits my daughters state of health. He did and we are now taking some medicine that does, effectively, nothing to ease her symptoms. In all honestly, it wasn't until I spoke with an Asthma nurse that I knew asthma and rhinitis go hand in hand. I have another appointment to see the asthma nurse at our surgery tomorrow and I'm hopeful that she will listen and prescribe something more helpful.

If anyone else on list suffers, or has a child who suffers, I've very much like the opportunity to chat about it. On or off list. We are struggling to cope some days because her quality of life is so poor and it's breaking my heart to see her so miserable.

Many thanks for reading this far.


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Hi my daughter is 8 and was diagnosed with asthma at 3 last year she was hospitalised 3 times in 10 wks despite numerous asthma medications the consultant wasn't keen to look at other things so I did my own research like you and allergic rhinitus seemed to fit her. From Jan last year she has been on Singulair for the allergies , plus hayfever meds and a beconase nasal spray for the sneezing etc. This has kept her out of hospital this year and she is generally symptom free except during viral infections. It also seemed to stabalise sp? her peak flow. I guess the trouble is it is so often more than one thing causing problems!!! I don't know what your daughter has been prescribed and I know singulair doesn't suit everyone.I hope you had some luck with the asthma nurse.

Sorry to ramble!!



Hi Tina

Thanks for the reply.

We saw a gp again yesterday and have started a course of Singulair which has meant coming off the cetirizine. The cetirizine didn't seem to help much so we are pinning our hopes on the Singulair now because she isn't taking any kind of antihistamine which just seems bizarre to my un-medically-trained mind!

We have invested in some anti-allergy bedding and her bed and bedclothes are now pretty much hermetically sealed. Hopefully this should make some difference too. Of course knowing exactly what she is allergic to would be the biggest help but that seems a logical step to far for our doctors. We have an appointment with a paediatrician next Tuesday so I'll have someone new to badger for allergy tests;~D

Does your daughter suffer with the incredible tiredness that my K does? Have you any ideas how to perk them up? I keep threatening to buy an espresso machine but somehow I think I'd end up regretting that one. We'd both end up climbing the walls!

I'm sure I can just buy something like Beconase at the chemists can't I? I might get some of that to help with her stuffiness.

I feel a bit of a fraud hanging out on the asthma forum because her asthma doesn't cause us any problems at all. Well, apart from the constant chest infections:~/ She takes her Becazone regularly and we just get on with life. It is the rhinitis that seems to be causing all the misery.

Do feel free to pm me if you want to have a moan or swap tips. I've not much to offer on the tip front to be honest, but I've a good ear for a moan. I've had several people reply offlist and it is nice to know we are not going through this alone.

Many thanks

Take care



I am new to this site and my 12 year old suffers from perennial rhinitis. He has had this for as long as I can remember and you name the nasal sprays he has had them. Three years ago he had an op to reduce the lining of his nose, not pleasant and he bled a lot more than expected. This still did not help unfortunately and then he was put on singulair tablets.Since then his consultant has up the dose to 10mg tablets which are for 15 years and over and still the boy has problems although he doesn't drip like a tap constantly now.We have tried the lot even took part in trials for a university hospital but seem to get no joy. I can understand your daughters misery as my son is either blocked up, nose running or suffering from headaches. As well as not tasting or smelling anything properly.

It must be like having a bad cold constantly! I would be as miserable as sin !


welshwitch - I promise you, you do learn to live with it. I know I have over the years. I used to be quite miserable, but I've found a way to cope with it, and the rhinitis has just become part of who I am.

Ok, so my nose often drips, I sneeze regularly and I have to have a tissue to hand at all times, not to mention my almost non-existant sense of smell, but you do get used to it.

Finding good meds which make things more bearable has been a huge help, but I don't think there will ever be a complete cure!

I didn't realise there were so many of us sufferers until I found them via this and the Kids Kickasthma discussion boards. Certainly cheered me up to know there are loads of us sniffling through the day - not just me!

Spaniel xx


Thanks spaniel- yes he does seem to just get on with it. I should take out shares with kleenex as he uses handfuls of tissues every single day.And yes he may sound like Darth Vader but I love him to bits.Ah.


The Darth Vader comment made me laugh:~) Sounds very familiar.

I'm toying with the idea of starting up a yahoo group for people/carers effected by Allergic Rhinitis. I have had a fair number of people contact me about their experience of living with it off list.

I've no idea how to go about it but I don't mind setting things up if the interest is there.

Any thoughts, do contact me off list.

Jacqui Mac


We could always start a blog about it - that way you don't have to have a login to comment or join in with the discussions, but you would have to have allocated authors who can write the topics.

I've used it in the past to discuss eczema which has been helpful.

What do you think?


I think that's a good idea Spaniel but I wouldn't have a clue how to go about it or how you'd advertise it in the broader sense. I'd like something where sufferers could link to a group with ease.

When Kirsty was diagnosed I didn't have a clue what to do or who to turn to (and heaven know the doctors weren't helpful) and I really needed to speak to others who knew what I was talking about when I couldn't always put my frustration into words. A group sounded the easiest thing.

I don't know so much about blogs. It sounds like a fab idea. It is just letting people know that you're there that I'm not sure about.

More info please:~D



I'll find out and let you know.

The only thing about the Yahoo thingy is - I don't have a Yahoo account, so I wouldn't be able to join in, but if its simple to do, perhaps that's a better way?



You may find this site helpful. It has a lot of information on anything allergy related and I have found it very helpful.


Just had a rough couple of days with my son. The poor love has been feeling really down, his eyes were red raw and his nose has given him awful trouble. He has been off his food and he keeps complaining of horrible smells which must be something to do with his nose as no one else can smell them. He gets very irritated with everything even when he is playing trying to take his mind off it. His friends find he can be very hard work as the slightest thing makes him flounce off.It can be hard work.


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